Answered Prayers Upon Answered Prayers


So many answered prayers we’ve seen in the past month and a half since Bryan’s birth- some we didn’t even ask for but the Spirit filled in with groans too deep for words. It can be so easy for me to forget God’s faithfulness but I never want to stop marveling at the intricate story of His goodness through Bryan coming to us.

A quick process. He was born 6 months and 4 days after we mailed our initial application in.

That his birth mom would be drawn towards us. So incredible that she picked us from our book alone before even before meeting us.

Immediate bonding. We loved him from the second we saw him and he seemed to recognize and know us very quickly as well.

Ability to give him breastmilk!! Mine and donor milk at the hospital. Such an unexpected miracle for me to take part in! (I’ll share more about my journey with induced lactation later.)

Easy transition with work. My supervisor, principals and coworkers have been so incredibly supportive and have had no problem with the quickness of my maternity leave.

Using the loss of our first match for huge purposes in our life and family.
– started washing baby clothes and getting ready
– began putting boy accents in his room
– talked to my boss, coworkers and HR and started getting things ready for maternity leave
– bought and received lots of boy clothes
– made a list of what to take to the hospital
– picked out our name
– grew our longing for a son

That God would be sovereign over timing.
– We hoped and felt we’d have a spring baby.
– I felt that getting a spontaneous call would be hard. I wanted a month to get ready. (I got 4 weeks to prepare during our first match.)
– There were literally only 3 days between our first match changing her mind and being considered for our son. If she had waited 3 days to decide or even just tell the social worker we wouldn’t have been considered. Since it was a holiday weekend the social worker was considering waiting until Monday… but decided against it. Often they give adoptive families the option to put their books on hold when a match falls through or give the birthmom a few days. She didn’t give us that option and said “Let’s just consider this not a match. We’ll put your books out there and try to get matched again soon.”
– I was on spring break the week he was born. I wasn’t expected at work and our families thought we were going to the lakehouse. So we were able to keep our wonderful little secret since people knew we were going to be away anyway.

And our biggest answered prayer…
Our son.

He is God’s yes after years and years of nos. The last 4 1/2 years have all led up to him. When I’m holding him in my arms he makes the sorrow of days past melt away. And if infertility is the road we had to walk to get him, he made it worth it. Bryan Robert you were so worth the wait.



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