A Few May Favorites


My Little Castle Chair. This is our nursery rocker and ottoman and I LOVE it. We bought our crib at ikea and used furniture we already had in the rest of the room so this was our splurge. I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in the rocker and wanted it to be comfortable. Also I LOVE the pattern! So fun and it really brings the room together.

Neutrogena Sunscreen. When you’re a pale white girl like me, sunscreen is a big deal. I’m at an age now where if I get a little tan, it’s an added plus, but I mostly try to douse myself with sunscreen as much as I can. Especially on my face, I use 45-55+ and reapply every hour or so. This sunscreen is hypoallergenic, lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy. I discovered it a few users ago and haven’t gone back.

WordPress app for iPhone. I am almost never ever on the computer anymore. However my phone? Always with me. If it wasn’t for this app, I wouldn’t have blogged in the last 2 months. This is now what all of my blog posts are written with- usually around the 4am hour :)

OPI’s Bond Girl nail polish line. Ahh! Do you know I am a HUGE James Bond fan?!? I went to get a pedicure and was STOKED when the one I picked was in this line.

Bath & Body Works foaming antibacterial hand soaps. Our entire marriage I’ve been frugal with hand soap and bought giant gel refills. But I knew I was going to be a nazi about people washing their hands before they hold my new baby so I wanted to make it not as miserable. The week before Bryan was born I bought a ton of these soaps- I love the fun scents!


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