Bryan’s Month 2 Milestones

Someone turned 2 months old yesterday!!!SONY DSC

Week 4-5

April 28th- May 4th

  • Turns head side to side when on back
  • Lifts head briefly during tummy time
  • Very interested in surroundings
  • Sleeping well in his bassinet
  • Cooing
  • Putting hand on bottle during feedings
  • 5/3- Ticklish. Laughed when I stroked his arm. (First real laugh!)
  • Loves going outside
  • Loves music- Adele and The Black Keys are some favorites
  • Definitely prefers Mom and Dad over others (heart melter)
  • Eats 4-6 ounces
  • Wakes up about twice a night. Fussy period in evenings and early mornings


Week 5-6

May 5th- May 11th

  • Put hand on bottle
  • Smiling more frequently
  • Tries to keep pacifier in
  • Cooing back and forth
  • Turns head side to side during tummy time
  • Kicking legs often/ Pushes away when he doesn’t like something
  • 5/9- Imitates Daddy making “oooh” sound and they take turns back and forth 3 times
  • 5/10- Weighs 11 lbs
  • 5/11- Went on his first long car trip and did great!
  • Smiling at people and objects
  • Follows us with his eyes as we walk around
  • Tracks toy 180 degrees
  • Strong preferences- has clear likes and dislikes
  • Loves being in his sling
  • Loves looking at the striped wall in his nursery
  • Going 5-8 hours between feedings at night


Week 6-7

May 12th- May 18th

  • Back and forth cooing/ smiling interaction
  • Bringing hand to mouth
  • Wants to see the world! Likes to be facing outward more
  • Initiating play by cooing at us
  • Wiggles and laughs when we ooh and ahh and make funny faces at him
  • 5/12- First vacation in Florida!
  • 5/14- First time at the beach
  • 5/16- First tear! So sad
  • 5/18- Weighs 11 lbs 12 oz! Gained 11 oz in 8 days- what a big boy!!
  • Loves standing
  • Loves laying on his back, smiling and cooing at us while we talk to him


Week 7-8

May 19th- May 26th

  • Kicks and wiggles when he enjoys something
  • Interacting and smiling more at toys
  • Tries to keep his head up for minute when being held- bobble head
  • 5/20- Held onto rattle for first time!
  • 5/22- Imitating Daddy sticking out his tongue
  • 5/23- Rolled over for the first time from belly to back! I know it was a fluke but I can still claim it :)
  • 5/25- Wore his first 3-6 month onesie!
  • First cold this week :( Lots of snuggle time!
  • So curious- loves looking around
  • Hair turning from blonde to light brown! Eyes still dark blue- gray


Week 8-9

May 26th- May 31st

  • Lots of smiles, laughter and cooing during playtime
  • Strains his neck to look at us when he’s in his rock and play or if one of us is changing his diaper
  • Blowing bubbles/ drooling
  • Squirmy- when on tummy time can turn 90 degrees
  • Holds head up for a minute or more when held tummy to tummy
  • Holding head up well on tummy time, often 45 degrees, a few times will go 90 degrees
  • Sucking on your hands
  • Kicking during playtime
  • Still grunting a lot
  • 5/29 – 2 month appointment and shots :( Not a happy camper
  • Began feeding in cradle hold instead of sideline
  • Ooh is his favorite sound and he smiles and laughs whenever we say it
  • Eyes start getting red when he’s sleepy

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  1. megrigano says:

    So exciting!!

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