Happy Two Months!


Two months already?!? Time flies when you’re having fun! You’re so much bigger than your one month picture!


Hi Sweet Boy!

I can’t believe you’re 2 months old! Time indeed has flown and you’re such a big boy already! You weigh 13 pounds (90th percentile), are 23 1/4 inches (50th percentile) and your noggin is 16 1/4 inches (75th percentile).

You love to lay on your back and for us to make faces and smile and talk and sing and read to you. You look at us and coo and smile and laugh! It melts mama’s heart. One of my favorite things is how you always raise your eyebrows – it’s so cute!

We just love you so much. It’s such a joy to know your little spirit and to see your personality come out. We love snuggling with you and playing with you. We love taking family walks and outings. It’s so neat to see you look all around and take everything in. You’re such an observer and you love checking the world out!

You are my joy and my delight. I thank God daily for the blessing you are and for how you’ve shown me that God gives abundantly. Being your mom and loving you so deeply has shown me how deeply God loves us as his children. He loves you even more than your daddy and I do, Little Man. We pray you will know Him and that you will do big things for Him someday.

I love you Bryan.

Love, your mama


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2 Responses to Happy Two Months!

  1. Katy Nicole says:

    2 months already?! Love those cheeks!! I bet you snuggle him all day long :)

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