Margin: Creating Space in a Busy Home and Heart

One of the biggest things that has changed since becoming a parent is the amount of margin in my life. This is something I’ve been learning about the past year or so and wrote a few blog posts on rest while processing through it. (See below.)

My default mode is go, go, go. I love efficiency, I love crossing items off my to do list. I am the queen of multi-tasking (which sometimes amounts to not doing any of the multi-tasks that well.)

It has amazed me how becoming a mother has made me SLOW down. It may seem counterintuitive because in a way you’re required to multitask more. But for me, it’s forced me to do one or two things at a time instead of four or five. (And usually it’s just holding him while I slowly empty the dishwasher or make a sandwich.)

I’ve given myself a lot of grace with this and it’s been so freeing. I know these are precious days with Bryan we’ll never get to do again and so if that means I don’t do a load of (necessary) laundry for 3 days, that’s ok. I started cooking again after we were blessed with many wonderful meals. My goal right now is just to get food on the table. Ideally I want it to be healthy, but if that means more time and work, it’s just not a priority right now.

My husband was talking to a friend who was mentioning how babies mirror our emotions- smile when we smile, calm when we rock them, etc. He also mentioned how sometimes WE mirror our babies’ emotions. A smiling baby makes us happy, holding a sleeping baby is calm and peaceful. I’ve been trying to take cues from Baby Bryan and just slow. down.. And it’s been great.

I know this won’t always be the status quo but for his age and what he needs, it’s necessary for us. And it’s been so good for me. My heart and my soul feel rested and ready to take on the day- delighting in my little one and rejoicing that I have these precious days at home with him.



Thoughts on Rest:


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2 Responses to Margin: Creating Space in a Busy Home and Heart

  1. Kate says:

    When he’s 3, it will be much harder to be restful. But still joyful. Enjoying the baby days = good plan. :)

    • jackielopina says:

      Seriously- it only gets crazier from here! Whether its when he’s older or if we get the blessing of adding more children… Savoring this first child and baby phase for sure :)


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