Favorite Baby Items: For Newborn (up to 8 weeks)

I always love seeing people’s favorites and I read many of these blogs when I was registering for our little man. Here are some things we couldn’t do without!

My Favorite Baby Items for Newborns

Video Baby Monitor – Bryan sleeps in a bassinet in our room so we haven’t used this a ton other than the hour or so after he goes down and some naps. However we use it enough to know it is awesome! When we transitioned to the crib at 3 months this quickly became one of my all time favorite baby items. THIS IS A MUST HAVE IN MY OPINION!!!

Gray and aqua nursery from Hoping in God

Another MUST HAVE is a wonderful comfy chair. We got a Little Castle glider and rocking ottoman from Buy Buy Baby. I forgot the model but it was exclusive to them (and was less expensive than the ones on Little Castle’s website.) This was a “splurge” item for us. We went with an inexpensive crib and furniture we already had and my parents got this for us as a gift. Let me tell you – I LOVE, LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE this chair!!! I could literally do with only a bare crib, a video monitor, one blanket, something to wear my baby in and this chair. It is that amazing. It is insanely comfortable for the dozens of hours I have spent rocking and holding and accidentally and purposefully falling asleep in it. DO NOT skip over a comfy chair. You will spend so much more time here than you think you will. Make it somewhere you love. AND if it’s gorgeous and has a print that brings your whole room together? Even better :)


Aden + Anais Blankets – These blankets are amazing. They are large, lightweight and just downright beautiful. We seriously have 14 and use them for swaddling, covering the car seat, floor playtime and more.

Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor – SIDS has always freaked me out a bit so this SIDS monitor is so comforting to have!! We leave it on our son 24/7 until he was about 4-5 months old and I don’t think I could survive without it. Basically it clips on to his diaper and blinks whenever he breaths. If he doesn’t move for 15 seconds, it vibrates to jar him. If he doesn’t move for an additional 5, an alarm goes off. It has gone off a few times (though not at night- phew!) when it’s not touching his belly right or if it fell off and is in the foot of his sleeper so I know it works. A cheap price to pay for peace of mind, in my opinion.


Maya Wrap – I’m a HUGE baby wearing proponent. I started out baby wearing for the attachment, but once I started, I found myself doing it more because it makes things so easy… AND our baby LOVES it! I wear my sling ALL the time. It is incredibly easy to put on and I can literally do it while I’m holding him. It’s easy to adjust, and the material is cooler temperature wise than other baby carriers. And the best thing? Bryan just LOVES it. He almost instantly falls asleep. It actually feels like cheating a little bit. :) I can wear him in this for about 2-3 hours but my back/ shoulder does hurt a bit afterwards. This is my go to baby carrier.


Moby Wrap– The Moby is a little complicated to get on, but I love how close and snug it keeps Bryan. Also, unlike the sling, I appreciate how it equalizes the force over both shoulders so it doesn’t really hurt. The hardest part for me is getting it tight enough but you just have to practice! Nice to have an alternate to the sling and this is wonderful for really little babies.


Rock and Play – A friend loaned this to us and I am SO glad she did! We also borrowed a bouncy seat and travel swing but this is by far Bryan’s favorite. He likes to nap here because it’s so cuddly and he loves to sit in it while we smile and talk to him. He smiles and laughs so much! It folds up nicely and is light and we even took it on vacation!  (That link is the one we have. Here is another one that’s actually for sale.)

Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottles – We’ve used these since the hospital. He would slurp the hospital bottles down and be so gassy afterwards. These nipples are a little slower flow and he definitely has less gas. There are more parts to clean which can be a pain, but we just have 10-12 and pop them in the dishwasher every night.


SwaddleMe Blankets – Our little man has gone back and forth with being swaddled. I assumed we would swaddle every single night but sometimes he hated it and would relax as soon as we took him out. And he is SO hot blooded if he was wearing a sleeper he would be dripping if we wrapped him on top. (He’s our little toaster oven!) At about 6 weeks he could get his hands out of normal swaddling blankets. I started using this again because there’s no breaking free and he loves it! I dress him in just a onesie so he doesn’t overheat. Often if he’s sleepy and disorganized I can just put him in it and he’ll calm down even before I pick him back up. It’s my sleep secret weapon! The small/med only goes to 14 pounds so I bought a couple large ones too and used them until about 4 months or so when we transitioned to the sleep sack.

Black on WhiteWhite on BlackLook, Look! books- We love reading and have SO many wonderful books. These were some of the first ones we read after Bryan was born. They didn’t always keep his attention when he was that little but as he got a little older, he enjoyed looking at them. (Discerning reader alert: Look, Look! talks about a lot of nature thing (like the sun shines) and then at the end says “all for you.” When we read it, we say “all for God” since we’re not trying to teach B that the world revolves around him!)

Gowns– For Bryan’s first month or so I absolutely loved gowns, especially at night. They make sure he’s nice and warm but make changing a newborn in the middle of the night easier.
Homemade flannel burp cloths- Look at these gorgeous burp clothes my friend and my mom made for me! Bryan has reflux so sometimes we’ll go through 2-3 at a feeding! We have a huge stack of these and I love them!


Other Must Haves:

Car seat and stroller- We have (and love) our Chicco KeyFit 30 Travel System. Easy to install and weight limit goes up to 30 pounds to accommodate growing babies!

Bassinet – Bryan has been in our room since he came home and I love having him close. It already makes me sad to think about him sleeping in his own room!

Boppy Pillow with Organic Cotton Slipcover/Jersey Slipcover– Bryan fed sideline until about 7 weeks. That’s how they showed us in the hospital and we tried to feed him in cradle hold a few times and he choked, so we just stuck with this way. SO much easier when you have a boppy underneath. Also he has reflux and I hold him upright for 20-30 minutes after eating- this is clutch especially at night.

Nice diaper bag. Ours is a Skip Hop Via Messenger Diaper Bag. Basically I wanted one my husband would be ok with carrying around- this is black and the messenger bag style makes it fit the bill. It’s not huge and sometimes a normal amount of things stuff it to the brim. However it’s already heavy and I know I would be a pack rat in a bag if it was much bigger so it works for us.

There you have it! What were some of your must have baby items for newborns?

Must Have Baby Items for Newborns (up to 8 weeks)

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12 Responses to Favorite Baby Items: For Newborn (up to 8 weeks)

  1. Katie says:

    I love SwaddleMe blankets too! Our little guy is also a heater, recently I started wrapping him in just his diaper.

  2. Kate says:

    I’m going to keep ALL of this in mind when we start to TTC for a baby (soon!). Is there anything else you would add to it?

    • jackielopina says:

      Make sure to check out the 2 links I have underneath for 2-4 months and 4-8 months – there’s a lot more information there that might be helpful! And I just edited the newborn one too with one thing I wanted to add:) I would just try to think of the whole first year when you’re registering for things. Good luck TTC! Hope it happens quickly for you:)

  3. Daniela says:

    Very helpful list! thank you for sharing!


  4. Kali says:

    As a mother of a 3 month old… I agree with everything, except the bassinet, but that’s just because we co-sleep.

    Also, I’d suggest in addition to the gown, get one footie pj with snaps and another with a zipper. All moms have to decide which kind of jammie they like best. So figure it out, THEN go get a bunch of those in older sizes.

  5. Amber Kemp says:

    Great read! Thanks!

  6. Sabrina says:

    Great list! I like the Boppy as an all purpose feeding/sit up/ tummy time pillow, but for folks that breast feed, the My Breast Friend is better (ugh what a name!). It has built in back support. This comment in general is all about the back-babies will getcha! We gave a Graco diaper backpack that is gender neutral and really helps with distributing the weight. That on my back, wearing my baby on the front, and I am good to go! My baby does not like being held like a baby, so all those warm snuggly wrap carriers were a no-go :( For folks with babies who think they are grown, the Ergo and Bjorn have your baby in a more upright position, and also have great back support. I also looove gowns, and love the baby soy ones. They also have snaps so could not be easier to put on or for changes. They cost a touch more, but we end up using them over and over and ignoring our cheaper ones because we love them so much. Those are my faves!

  7. Mocha says:

    For clarification, the Keyfit 30 carrier goes up to 22 pounds and 30 inches.http://www.chiccousa.com/Files/pdf/product-manuals/KeyFit-Instructions-08.pdf

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