Happy Three Months!


What a big boy you are Bryan! The change from newborn to now has been so drastic… you are a newborn no more!!


The last month has been so full of fun. We got you dedicated to the Lord, celebrated your Daddy’s first Father’s Day, went to our first Reds’ game, hung out on the porch with our neighbors a lot, went to the Farmer’s market, vacationed at the Lakehouse with the Lopinas and had a lot of great playtime and family time!


You are such a motor baby but the last couple weeks have been all about the hands! You started noticing your hands and bringing them to midline more. THEN – all of a sudden you reached out and grabbed a toy! After you did it once, you totally got the hang of it and started doing it all the time. You look so big holding your toys, shaking them and chewing on them! One of my absolute favorite things is when I go see you in the morning after you wake up. I unvelcro your swaddleMe and you pout your lips, close your eyes and STRETCH your arms, fists balled, as much as possible. I absolutely love it!!


Some of the biggest change in the last month has been with your mama. Since you’re not in the newborn stage anymore, I’m relaxing about a few things (changing you (and me!) every time you spit up, being a nazi about getting a new pacifier when you drop it at home.)


However, I’m also getting stricter about other things. After a rough over tired incident where I let visitors keep you up, I realized I HAVE to protect your long nap time in the afternoon. The rest of your naps can be cat naps but you are an unhappy fellow if you don’t have at least one longer stretch right now. Mama’s learning. I want to do what’s best for you and what’s best for our family. Little by little I’m striking more of a balance.


Three months feels like an exciting age. Halfway to finalization!! However it’s so wild we’ve had you 1/4 of a year. In one sense, it feels like you just entered our family; in another, it feels like we’ve known you our whole lives. We can’t imagine our family without you.


Just when I thought I couldn’t love you deeper, my love for you grows. You’re God’s special gift to me my Little Man. Here’s to an incredible 3 months and many more to come!!


Love, your mama

SONY DSCWoo hoo!!


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