Bryan’s Month THREE Milestones


Week 9-10
June 2nd- June 8th
Rolled over about 6 more times
Pushes up on hands, chest off the floor and looks around for 1-2 minutes during tummy time
Head up 90 degrees when on tummy
Imitating more sounds
No more Moro (startle) reflex
Starting to not have head lag during baby sit-ups
Initiating smiling. Will smile at me if I’m not looking at him and will stop crying and smile the moment we look at him in his bassinet
Eyes red and puffy now almost every time he’s sleepy
Chewing on his hands/ first time he’s sucked his thumb
Using pacifier less
Kicks constantly when in bouncer
Loves my hair dryer and other things that make noise- stills and watches it
6/3- Slept through the night for the first time! What?!? 9:40p- 6:30a
6/4- Thought yesterday may have been a fluke but slept through the night again. 9:20p-6:00a. I decided I didn’t like it. I treasure those middle of the night feedings and snuggles and I’m not ready for them to be mostly over!!
Next couple nights he was up a time or two.


Week 10-11
June 9th- June 15
Rubbed eyes when he’s sleepy for the first time
Transitioned to size 2 diapers
When laying on his back on the boppy, lifts his head slightly when he wants to get up.
Using his hands to pull bottle to his mouth (although usually he is just pulling his hand his mouth and ends up pushing the bottle away!)
Bringing hands to midline more often
I think he went through a growth spurt earlier this week- eating closer together and more total per day, sleeping more, waking up when I put him down during the day; a day or two where he was a little “off.”
6/9- Baby dedication! Family and friends came over to celebrate
6/10- First time on his activity mat (on his back). Batted at his toys a time or two!!
6/13- Just finished the Jesus Storybook Bible for the first time!
Hates his car seat :( Crying every time he’s in it for most of the time. So sad.
Loves to snuggle with his mama!
Liking tummy time more (although often he just rolls over right away!)
Sleeps a 5-8 hour stretch at night. Slept through the night a few days this week. Cat naps then takes one 2 1/2- 3 hour nap (often from 2-5).


Week 11-12
June 16th – 22nd
Better in the car seat
Ate 8 oz at one feeding
Smiles when he knows we’re going to pick him up
Looks above him and below him- the fan and his blankets when he’s on tummy time
6/16- First Father’s Day and First Reds’ Game! We got a certificate and everything :)
6/19- First time he reached out and grabbed a toy!
Caught the bug and now reaching out and grabbing lots of toys (shaking and bringing to mouth too!)
Trying to roll back to belly (gets to his side)
Loves blowing bubbles
Loves the fan – smiles at it from his bassinet
Likes his toys more now!
So smiley and happy!


Week 12-13
June 23rd- 29th
First time down at our Lakehouse on Norris Lake!
From back, cranes head and tries to roll to belly
Rolls from back to side
Puts both hands on bottle (or on your hands) and quickly pulls the bottle out and back in
Chewing on his hands often and drooling a bunch (teething already?!?)
Chewing on toys
6/28- First big belly laugh when mama was giving him lots of kisses on the cheek (you know I cried)
Has a few favorite toys
Rough week for sleep – napped well but woke up about 3 x/night


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4 Responses to Bryan’s Month THREE Milestones

  1. I love the updates. Is he drinking formula or breast milk??? (I know he is adopted for those that might ask, but of course you can get breast milk…)

    • jackielopina says:

      Hi Christy! He is drinking primarily formula. I was able to induce lactation myself but its a very low supply (about 2 oz a day). He was given bottles and pacifiers right away in the hospital so was never able to successfully feed on me but I give him a 4 oz bottle of fresh milk every other day. I also had a friend go through milk donor testing and pump for me so I have that as well. So he gets 1 or 2 total breastmilk bottles a day.

      When he was in the hospital (after the 72 hours when he became ours) they have him donor milk at our request. I would have loved to get it at home but it costs $4 an ounce!! A little out of our price range:)

      • Thanks for your honesty. I just gave birth to my son 4 weeks ago, and I do not have enough milk, and my supply is slow dwindling (despite medication, probably the same that you took, and supplements, and working with LC’s, I just do not make enough milk.) I was wondering what brand formula you went with? We are having a hard time deciding on a brand. I too have a donor for some milk for my son, but we are slowly running out of the surplus, we need formula within a couple of weeks I think…
        I am loving your posts on the progress Bryan is making so that I know what to expect! :)

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