Happy Four Months!!


You turned 4 months old yesterday!

SONY DSCHappy 4 Months Little Man!!

SONY DSCOh my Bryan, you are SO big!!


The past month your personality is really shining through. You’ve started to talk more and yell back and forth when we’re playing. You’ve started to shriek and laugh when I’m tickling you – one of my favorite things!


You just started to blow raspberries a couple days ago and think it’s hilarious. You’ve also started to SCREAM when you don’t like something. You learned how to roll from back to belly and do so multiple times in the middle of the night (and forget you’ve known how to roll from belly to back since 6 weeks) and… scream!!! You’re starting to bust out of your swaddle- first it was just one arm now it’s almost always both of them. Sometimes I can’t even wrap both of them up because you wiggle them out right away!


You’re starting to really love playing with your toys which makes you look like such a big guy and is so fun to watch!


You are so happy and LOVE smiling and playing with your mom and dad. Sometimes when I put you to bed, you just look at me and smile and talk and laugh. You love to make your mama smile:)


Unfortunately the past month also brought teething and although you are super easygoing and happy, teething has been so hard on you :( You cut your first tooth when you turned 3 months and you cut 2 more teeth last week. There was not much sleeping, a lot of crying and a WHOLE lot of snuggling. The moby made a comeback and was the only thing that could calm you sometimes.


We’ve been working in establishing healthy sleep patterns and Buddy, you’re doing a great job! Mama would be fine rocking you to sleep until you go to middle school but you have other plans. You’ve started to arch your back when I try to rock you to sleep, so we put you in your crib all swaddled up and you sometimes talk yourself to sleep! Often Mama has to come in, replace your pacifier and rub your head for a while but you’ve been doing a great job going to sleep without much help. Your bedtime is between 7:30-8:30pm and you wake up for good about 7:30-8:30am. You were sleeping a solid 10 hour stretch but rolling over and teething have caused lots of nighttime wakings the past couple weeks. No worries Little Man! I like my sleep but I love you even more:) You take a 30-45 nap in the morning and evening and do a long 2 1/2- 3 hour nap in the afternoon.


I love getting to spend my days with you.


You’re getting to be so big (starting to wear 6-9 mo clothes!!) and I’m doing my absolute best to savor every long-awaited moment. I’ve waited years to be your mom and it’s wild how the days and weeks and months with you rush by. I know they’ll only get quicker. Sweetheart, it’s so fun to play and watch you learn new things. Words can’t describe how much I love you, Bryan. You are so adorable, delightful and such a special part of our family. Thank you for giving us so much joy.


Happy 4 months my love.


Love, your mama



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