Bryan’s Four Month Milestones


Week 13-14

June 30- July 6

  • 6/30- Slept for 10 hours!! Especially crazy after waking up 3x night for the last week… 3 mo growth spurt?! I really felt like he was bigger when he woke up. His head is huge and legs are so chunky!
  • 7/1- Crazy fussy day. Couldn’t be put down, cried miserably for a good portion of the day… So sad :(
  • (A few days later saw that a front top tooth is right near the surface! No wonder he was so miserable!)
  • Slept 10 hours at night the majority of the week!
  • Started taking naps in his crib
  • Started this yell/scream – will yell loudly once when he wants to be held or move or something then stop and look at you to respond. And repeat until he gets his change of pace!
  • Crazy about playing with toys- started doing it in the car and will sit in his rock and play and play with toys for a few minutes
  • 7/6- Slept in his crib at night! Woke up at 2:30 to eat and I brought him in the bassinet then :)
  • 7/7 – Slept in his crib all night! Please be proud of mama


Week 14-15

July 7- July 13

  • Lakehouse with my family!
  • Talking/ Yelling loudly in delight
  • Loves to look at fans
  • Laughing out loud frequently when tickled
  • 7/10- First time Daddy held him in the sling
  • Fake coughing


Week 15-16

July 14- July 20

  • 7/15- First time in a pool!
  • 7/19- Rolled from back to belly successfully (been having a hard time getting his arm out for 2 weeks!)
  • SO curious! Hard to concentrate on eating because he looks around at everyone and everything
  • Starting to not want to be rocked to sleep. Beginning to go to sleep on his own or with my hand on his head.
  • Working on setting a better sleep schedule. Going to bed about 8pm, wakes up about 5 or 6 for a bottle, wakes up about 8, naptime around 9:30 or 10, 2-3 hour nap around 1, late afternoon nap.


Week 16-17

July 21- July 27

  • Saying “gah” and “ma” sounds (has been saying “ah” and “ooh” and “goo” for a while
  • So ticklish
  • Started grabbing my chin/ mouth while feeding for me to kiss and then laughs – playing games is so fun!
  • Started giving open mouth kisses/ biting my face:)
  • Looks at EVERYTHING! Things on the walls, ceiling, floor, leaves and trees when we’re on walks. Very distracted when I feed him.
  • Such a curious little man!
  • Wore his first 6-9 mo onesie! Big boy!
  • Straightens arms when on tummy time so chest is fully off the ground
  • 7/26 & 7/27- cutting another tooth or two :( So rough! Can’t sleep and he only wanted to snuggle… the moby and teethers became our best friend and the only thing that would make him happy


Week 17-18

July 28- August 3

  • Moves all around the crib
  • “Sitting up” in rock and play or car seat (pulling head and arms up to do crunches with clenched hands)
  • 7/29- blowing raspberries
  • 7/30- sticking out his tongue to play
  • Rolled over and over (usually rolls one way and flips back the same way)
  • Pushes off to scoot/ belly army crawl when our hands are against his feet
  • Laughs and smiles at himself in the mirror
  • Sees the bottle and seems to know he’s about to be fed
  • Another rough week for sleep with teething and developmental boost. Waking up about 3x/night and fighting naps
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