Where Did Five Months Go?


Oh my sweet son, I can’t believe you are 5 months old!

But then I look at how huge you are and how much you’re doing and you seem even older than that! Every day you’re doing new things- it’s so incredible to actually SEE you learning and figuring life out.


My love- your personality is shining and I love how much you enjoy life. You love playing with your mommy and daddy and one of your favorite games right now is to put your hands on our mouth or face. We kiss them or “eat” them and you just laugh and laugh! You also LOVE to play “tick tock.” We hold you up and gently swing your legs side to side. You think it’s hilarious! You love to be tickled and when we kiss and kiss you. Your eyes are never as wide as when mama is holding you and we’re snuggling to get you closer to sleep and I sneeze. You’re always so surprised and look at me with a “what the heck was that?!?” look. It always makes me giggle:)


Mama retired the SwaddleMe at about 4 months and realized sadly I never videoed the way you pouted your lips and gave a giant STRETCH when I un-velcroed it in the morning. You change so quickly! You have slept a few times in your sleep sack but usually we’ve just been putting you in a sleeper and that seems to be working well. By the end of the month our sleep finally seems to be doing better. That 4 month sleep regression was rough! You’re wanting to put yourself to sleep most of the time… Although sometimes you still need mama snuggles and I cherish it:)


You are wanting to move, move, move! You’re an active little boy. When you’re on your tummy, you kick your legs and get so mad when you can’t move!! You love when we put our hands against your feet so you have something to kick off of. You push and move your hands across the floor and are so proud when you get to your target! When you’re on your back, you kick your legs and are able to move back pretty well. You can also sit with minimal support and have actually supported yourself on your hands for a minute once or twice!

You love your toys and smile when we show you your favorite ones. You also have recently become obsessed with books! You scoot towards them and your whole body gets excited when we read them. You reach out and touch the pages and like to chew on them too:)


My absolute favorite, favorite thing is coming to see you when you wake up. We make a noise behind you and you turn and look for us and give a HUGE smile! You start to coo and laugh. You kick your feet and are so excited! You’re on your tummy and up on your chest and sometimes you turn your face so far towards us that you unintentionally flip yourself over. Mama asks if you want to “come here” with hand motions and you slightly bring a hand up to me. It’s the best!


Happy 5 months sweetheart. We love you so!




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