Bryan’s 4-5 Month Milestones


Week 18-19

August 4th-10th

    • Sitting in big boy part of his stroller! (No car seat)
    • Reaching out for me and Daddy when the other is holding him- heart melter
    • No more boppy- sprawls out on my lap when I feed him or rock him
    • Putting his legs up on everything
    • Straightens arms, chest up when on tummy
    • Patting pictures in a book
    • Holding on to books
    • 8/6- Scooting all by himself in the crib by bringing his feet up under him
    • 8/8- I was holding him while making a bottle. He grabbed the nipple and white circle around it, pulled the nipple out and brought it to his mouth. Adorable:)
    • 8/10- reaches out to grab and turn book pages (with help)
    • 8/10- Grabbed his feet for the first time!
    • Smiles when you give him his favorite toys
    • Grabbing food or drink if I’m holding him in the carrier or have him sitting on my lap in front of a table
    • Snuggling with Glo Worm. Loves holding him when he’s going to sleep.
    • Gets SO excited when we come in to get him in the morning or after naptimes- it is AWESOME! My favorite thing


Week 19-20

August 11th-17th

  • Started sleeping on his belly with his bottom up in the air (freaked me out for a while but after I kept flipping him over and waking him up at 4am I asked the dr and she said if he’s strong enough to get over, it’s ok)
  • Taking pacifier out and often putting it back in
  • Big smiles when I hand him a favorite toy
  • 8/15- Object permanence!! Put my hand up in the air with a toy. He looked at it. Dropped the toy and he followed and looked for the toy on the ground! Smart boy
  • 8/15- Sat with minimal support!!
  • 8/16- Sat for a moment with no support!
  • 8/17- 1st tooth broke through! On bottom left.
  • FINALLY ok in the car seat!! Meaning he doesn’t scream door to door. Yay! It only took 4.5 months:)
  • Sometimes gets frustrated when he’s on his tummy because he wants to scoot!
  • Started doing baby signs

IMG_2828Week 20-21

August 18th-24th

  • Gets pacifier from somewhere in the crib and brings it successfully to his mouth
  • When I’m holding him and the bottle he will put his mouth on the nipple (before I lean him back to feed him)
  • Also will bring the bottle to his mouth (not always accurately)
  • Cries or gets super excited when he sees the bottle
  • 8/19- Imitates Mama chewing
  • When on his tummy, moves in a circle
  • Pulls blanket to himself to get a toy on it
  • Brings book to mouth and chews on it
  • Hold a book side in each hand
  • Scooting! Mostly with our hands on his feet
  • 8/23- Turned on his glow worm by himself when he woke up (fluke?)
  • 8/24- Sat unsupported with his hands down for balance for a whole minute
  • Reaches out to touch EVERYTHING!
  • Reaches for things he wants


Week 21-22

August 25th-31st

  • In the morning will lift a hand out to me when I ask him if he wants to be picked up
  • 8/27 – Got up on hands and knees in his crib
  • Loving his books. Will pat the pictures, reach out for the pages and kick his feet and get excited when we read them. When on activity mat, will scoot over to touch and grab them.
  • Reaches out to touch and grab EVERYTHING- my phone, cups, my nose, ears glasses- whatever he can get his hands on!
  • Loves scratching at material like the couch, his chair and the carpet
  • Sits in his hook on chair at the dining room table with us! Love this!

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