6 Months! 6 Months! 6 Months!


AHHH!! What a milestone!!


Bryan I can’t believe you’re 6 months old!! Six months is a big deal in our household for multiple reasons – we started solid foods (avocado!!), you’re almost crawling and a big special thing I’ll share about next week:)


Bryan, you are so incredibly sweet it’s incredible. You’ve started crawling over to us and up on us and reaching out for us with two arms- it’s amazing. You are such a MOVER and want to grab and touch and play with everything. You’ve had a cold for most of the last month which has been a bummer but you haven’t let it slow you down!!


You immediately flip when we put you on your back to change your diaper or your clothes. You want to be on the floor makeshift crawling to all your toys! Right now you start on your hands and knees, go forward then flop on your belly, then back on hands and knees and so forth. You’re getting so quick and better at crawling every day! It’s getting hard for mama to keep up with you already! You are so curious and want to see and touch everything. You’ve started trying to dive off the couch or chair to get your toys! Slow down little man!


Your Favorite Things to do:

  • Crawl!
  • Play in the corner with your toy basket, diapers, books, etc
  • Dump out your toy basket and play with all your toys
  • Go on walks
  • Be worn at the grocery store and look around at everything
  • Sit on the porch (or on walks) and watch cars
  • Read and open and eat books

Your Favorite Games:

  • Peek a boo (or where’s Bryan/ Mama?)
  • Eat your feet
  • Airplane
  • Belly tickles/ raspberries on the belly


Your Favorite Toys:

What We Call You:

  • Buddy
  • Buddy boy
  • Buddy man
  • Munchkin (or munch)
  • Monkey
  • Wild Man


Bryan to say these last 6 months have been joyful is an understatement. That doesn’t capture it enough. It has been incredible, awe inducing, blow-your-mind spectacular. I love being your mommy more than you could ever know. My heart almost bursts when we have family time just the three of us- and you smile and laugh and shriek. You’re home. And so are we.


We love you so much and are beyond grateful for these last 6 months with you.

With all my heart,
Your mama



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6 Responses to 6 Months! 6 Months! 6 Months!

  1. I love these updates! Thank you!

  2. What a little sweetheart. You have two cute guys in your life, eh?

    I popped over her from #31days and I am cheered just by looking at the photos. I am expecting my first GRANDbaby in December… oh, I can’t wait. I get sort of exhausted thinking about the day he starts to become mobile but oh, it is so exciting to watch every moment!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Christie says:

    What is that cute round seat thing Bryan sits in? I’ve never seen one and am so intrigued.

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