31 Days: Finding the Energy (Day 7)

31 days

The second obstacle to my creativity is energyLife is tiring! Whether you’re a student, working full-time or a stay at home parent, your days are packed! We spend all day expelling energy and often when we get time to ourselves in the evening, the only thing we want to do is crash on the couch. I am guilty of this often. But does watching shows really refresh you? Sometimes, maybe. But often learning, growing, and creating actually do.

It sounds counterintuitive but expelling energy on these things can stimulate you and actually give you more energy. It’s the wild thing about exercise – we get too tired to exercise, BUT if we exercised we would have more energy! In my life, I find creating can be like that. I want to sit and veg, but if I make a wreath or decorate my mantle, my brain is engaged and I feel invigorated – ready to take on the next task at hand.

How do we find the energy? That I’m not quite sure about. Sometimes, I think it’s just doing it. Overlooking our tiredness and hitting the starting line. And sometimes? Maybe it’s just thinking about it. Get yourself psyched. Find the energy and take the initiative!


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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