31 Days: Writing on Curiosity (Day 9)

31 days

Writing has been therapeutic for me. If you’ve been around for a while and know me in real life, you notice I write like I talk- matter of fact, to the point. I love reading blogs too and some of these writers have such a way with words. So poetic and beautiful. This is obviously a stretch for me but I thought it would be neat to try to write a blurb in a different voice, with a different spin. Here are a few thoughts on curiosity as a mom with that in mind:

Life takes on a different perspective as a parent. At 6 months old, my little man sees everything with intense concentration and interest. Everything in our world is in his sight for the first time. A wall hanging, a fish tank, cars passing by on the street, each are seen anew with fresh young eyes. Spending my days with Bryan, I begin to take on the same eagerness. “Ooh! A truck! You see that caterpillar, Bryan? Whoa!”

It’s too easy to go through life, eyes numb to our surroundings, too busy to notice the bird chirping or the flowers growing. We rush on to our jobs, our schedule taking precedence over everything. Having a baby has caused me to slow down. My days are not a race. I’m not just trying to get through my to-do list as quick as possible anymore. With Bryan, my days are a magical learning adventure. I want him to see and savor life. I want to make it exciting to touch a leaf or hear the whistle of a train. I want to shout and clap when he discovers a new task or figures out a new toy. I want him crawling all around the house and ripping up magazines and banging remotes. I want him to learn a curiosity that stays with him for life. I want to teach him to slow down and enjoy- really enjoy – life. And so I must model this curiosity. I must keep my excitement at life bubbling over, which will hopefully encourage him to grasp it, staying curious perpetually.

Babywearing Joy

Photo credit to Connell Photo Studio


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4 Responses to 31 Days: Writing on Curiosity (Day 9)

  1. Beautiful photo of you both.

  2. abbrogle says:

    I loved this…you have a great “other” voice. And I heartily agree that watching life through the eyes of our little ones is so precious!

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