31 Days: Finding Your Outlet (Day 10)

31 days

My husband went through a time where he was trying to find a hobby. As someone who naturally finds hobby after hobby I enjoy this seemed odd to me. At one time it seemed like a hobby for me to find as many hobbies as possible. I would go from one to another to another… trying any and everything that I could. As my husband was trying to find a hobby he enjoyed, it made me stop and think about why I do these things with my free time.

In my life, hobbies are necessary for rest, refreshment and cultivating creativity. They give me a moment to think. And I realized all the hobbies or tasks that I was doing in my free time weren’t life-giving. They didn’t always feel restful or re-energize me. So as my husband was finding his hobby, I was cutting back and re-focusing mine. I realized my main hobby – baking – was the perfect hobby for me. I loved it. It was therapeutic and serene. It gives me a moment of peace to dive into myself and think through what I’m learning or problem solve an issue that’s happening. I love the whole baking process – how simply combining ingredients can make something wonderful. I love the plop of butter in the bowl, whisking and mixing and scooping into the pan. I love tasting the dough and especially enjoying the final result. I love how I can use this hobby to serve others – making brownies for someone when they’re down or helping a friend with cupcakes for their child’s birthday party. Yes, baking is my favorite down-time thing to do.

But there are others I enjoy and that are good for my mind and soul. Writing, decorating, wreath making. These are other top enjoyments, although I don’t usually do those as much. (Caveat – this 31 days is making me write MUCH more than bake!)

So what is it for you? I encourage you to find a life-giving hobby. If you’re like I used to be and have 1,000 hobbies but don’t always find enjoyment in all of them… maybe pare it down a little bit. Be creative in finding your outlet. Try a lot of things! And when you find something that works, treasure it. Make time for it.

And in case you’re wondering, my husband happened upon mountain biking. He’s also an avid reader so both of these together fit his top hobbies:)


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