31 Days: Creativity in Hospitality (Day 11)

31 days

Hospitality is one of my passions. It is something I believe I am gifted at, but even more than that, I have worked hard growing this skill (and I still have a long way to go!!) I find that many people seek to be hospitable but make too big of a deal out of it which paralyzes them to actually act. Hospitality is the art of lovingly hosting others. That’s it. It doesn’t take an elegant meal or a perfectly clean guest room. All it takes is your presence and your willingness to open up doors.

In college I was involved in a ministry called Young Life. We sought to reach high school students for Jesus by building relationships with them. We talked a lot about spending time with our high school friends. Sometimes it was at football games or big kick off parties. But sometimes it was simpler. If we needed to run to Wal-Mart, we would ask them to come with us. When I realized that I bringing someone with me to run errands was a valid time to hang out, my perspective shifted. That’s so easy!! I didn’t have to carve out 4 hours at a coffee shop just to make this time meaningful.

That mindset has carried over to hospitality. Yes, sometimes I practice hospitality by throwing a big bridal shower with an elaborate theme, decorations and delicious food. But sometimes? It means tossing the baby toys in a basket and drinking coffee from the keurig. It means opening your guest room up to someone when they’re at your house for dinner, saving them an hour of driving tonight and an hour tomorrow. Even if your guest room isn’t clean or the bed isn’t made.

Hospitality is not about impressing others. It’s not about having the cleanest house or the best food. It’s about letting others into your home and your life.

It doesn’t take much to do that. Sometimes we just need permission. So here you go! Here is your permission to invite someone to dinner even if you just ordered pizza. Let someone stay in your guest room even if it has bare walls and an old comforter. Don’t wait! Hospitality is a great way to love people for the Lord. If you wait until everything is perfect, you won’t do it.

So brainstorm! How can you show hospitality this week? What are some creative ways you’ve practiced hospitality in the past?


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2 Responses to 31 Days: Creativity in Hospitality (Day 11)

  1. Kate says:

    One of the things I like about hosting community group is that it motivates me to make sure my house is clean once a week…but I’m starting to do better about not freaking out if not everything gets done. Realizing that people are there for community, not to inspect my kitchen floor. :)

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