31 Days: The Snare of Compare (Day 12)

31 days

Okay so I’ve already felt the “how the heck am I going to write about this for 31 days” mental block. It’s Day 11… I’m barely 1/3 of the way.

I LOVE going to The Nester’s site, picking a category and reading a few of the 31 Dayers blogs. However, especially when I have my mental block, it’s easy to read these amazing posts about things much more serious and intense than my topic and it’s easy to compare. It’s easy to doubt I can complete the task set before me or look at other topics and doubt the validity of mine.

And isn’t that so true in life? It’s so easy to look at others and think less of ourselves because of their gifts or talents. What a shame! We should be inspired and thankful for their talents and if anything, it should encourage us to do what we want and what we love!

As seen on Pinterest (original source unknown)

I love this! Comparison is the thief of joy. Instead of looking to others, we can look to the Giver of all gifts and talent! God has gifted us abundantly and our skills look differently than others to complement different people. That’s a good thing!

Where do you need to stop comparison in your life? 


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