31 Days: Creativity in Finding Community (Day 17)

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The older I get, the more I realize the vast importance of community in my life. I’m talking about family and friends who you can share life- real life- with. People who know you intimately and can call you out on your stuff. People who know just how to encourage your heart. People who help out and serve and who you long and love to serve too.

I’ve known many people over the years who want this community but just think it should come to them. It’s easy to complain that no one is reaching out to you or that you don’t have this deep connection with your friends… but what are you doing about it? I’m not trying to let folks off the hook here. Yes, people can be clique-y and exclusive, wanting only superficial relationships and flitting from one friend group to another. But there are people out there who have potential to be your real friends — this deep community.

How are you seeking after it? Are you outing yourself out there? Are you open to going to events you usually might skip? Are you planning events for people to come to?

It’s awkward and it’s hard. But seeking out community- real, deep, intimate community- is so worth it.


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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