31 Days: Creativity in Marriage (Day 19)

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I hope by now you’ve seen creativity is more than just sewing, drawing or decorating. It’s so important to be creative when we’re problem solving through life and especially in relationships. Marriage is the most important earthly relationship we can have. And as we see by watching families on TV or listening to coworkers complain about husbands, it’s hard.

We so premarital counseling with couples at our church and one thing we always say to them is this: You don’t have to “get” men (or women), you just have to understand YOUR spouse. Don’t waste your energy trying to understand how all people in that gender work. You’re marrying who you’re marrying. They’re a unique individual. Know her.

I think that quote rings true throughout marriage. Know your spouse. Our spouses (and ourselves!) are always changing so there is always more we can learn about them. Know what they love, what makes them tick. Know what frustrates them, why they get upset. The more we know our spouses, the more we can love them the way they want to be loved.

In addition to know, we also must continue to create with them. Create memories, create life together. Spend time together regularly. If you have kids make it a priority to spend time together just the two of you. Whether it’s after the kids are in bed or a regular date night, getting time together to talk about life and grow together is important.

But just like friendship, there’s no formula! Be creative in the ways you know each other and grow together. How that looks is up to you!!


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