31 Days: Creativity in Motherhood (Day 20)

small 31 Days

Am I right?!? Not only are our husbands different but our children are SO different! My kids are different from my friends’ kids and not only that- different children in a family can be totally opposite!

With parenting I think it can be easy to want a book or a person to tell you exactly how to do things. But (as with most things in life) it’s not that simple! Those things can help for sure and we should use books and people as resources, especially when we need help. But I think one of the most challenging things in parenthood is the constant problem solving. One hour something will work and the next it won’t. You’re not dealing with a rational adult like in marriage or friendship (which is hard enough!) you’re dealing with a growing, learning, developing child.

I’ve found that creativity and patience are a must in motherhood. When Bryan wakes up at 4:30 am and won’t go back to sleep, I try every single trick I have. Now if I’m honest, when I’m sleep deprived (and even when I’m not!) I don’t always remember all the tricks. But that’s where a loving supportive husband is so helpful. (Single moms are rock stars!) They ask “Did you try wearing him? Did you try walking outside?” This is why patience is also key:) Now don’t get me wrong- I fail at both of these often. But some of my best parenting moments are when I’m joyful, patient and creative.

And especially as kids grow, it is so important to bring out their creativity in unique ways! Kids are often better at creativity than we are. Don’t squash it! Give them outlets. Finger paint and dance to music and make texture boards and do puppet shows. Yes it’s work. Yes it’s worth it! Let’s grow in creative parenting together!


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