31 Days: Serving (Day 21)

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As Christians, we are called to serve one another and the world around us. Obviously some great ways to serve are in your church for Sunday service teams or ministries your church may have set up. But it can be so much more than that! It doesn’t always have to be that formal. Serving others is a way of life. We want to sacrificially love others with our time, money, gifts and talents.

So what are ways to do that? We can do that with hospitality, like I talked about previously. We can serve others by offering them a meal when they’re struggling or giving them a place to stay. We can do that by offering encouragement or support, perhaps doing something to help someone when your day is packed and you need to make dinner. Serving often costs something- whether time or energy or money – it costs something. And if we’re being creative in our service it costs brain cells! And lots of thought.

What are some creative ways your found to serve others?


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