31 Days: Adoption Finalization Party (Day 22)

small 31 DaysAs I shared earlier this month, our sweet son’s adoption was finalized a few weeks ago. We had to have a party to celebrate this joyous occasion! We invited friends and family – for many extended family, this was the first time they had met Bryan! This was the perfect time for us to do this because Bryan was crawling around playing and mingling (hehe in his own way!) and I was more comfortable with people holding him than I was when he was under a few months old.

I went with a “Little Man” theme. The invitations set the tone and shared “Little Man is Finally Ours!”


I actually decided on the colors around his outfit. We got this amazing handmade cardigan and bowtie from etsy! (See below for links)

Bryan portrait

I paired it with navy pants and decorated with the same colors – gray, yellow and navy.

Stripey Straws

I love decorations but with a 6 month old, I couldn’t go overboard. I decided to do 4 things that would make a big impact – wreath, banner on the mantle, month by month picture hanging and tablescape. Greeting guests at the door was this paper wreath:

Paper Square Wreath

I simple cut out patterned squares and then taped them on a wreath frame. I then cut out triangles to make the banner and slid them on twine. It was easy! (Once I decided what type of wreath I was going to make!)

Paper Square Wreath

Forever Family. Amen.

Paper Square Wreath with Banner

The next thing I did was a banner on the mantle. I LOVED the way this turned out.


I am terrible at drawing so I found printables online for the ties and letters. Googling printable coloring pages is a great way to find shapes to cut and trace out. I glued the letters on then strung the ties on twine and taped it to the mantle to ensure it would stay. (You could also command strip them – I just didn’t.)


I also printed 2 pictures of the recent photoshoot my sister in law did. They are on the sides and a newborn shot is in the middle.


I also wanted to showcase his month by month pictures.


Most people invite all friends and family to a first birthday (as they should!) However this is a bigger deal to us then him turning 1! We decided to go all out on the invite list for this party (we had about 60 people celebrating with us!!) and do a smaller 1st birthday party. So even though this is traditionally at the first birthday, I wanted all our extended family to see them now!


Next up! Tablescape! Ah, one of my favorite words. I struggled with what I could do for the table that would look beautiful but not be too expensive or difficult. I was scouring pinterest and chevron caught my eye! I picked up this gorgeous table runner off of etsy.


I paired it with flowers with ribbon and a bow tie (that we had actually received with gift cards for a baby shower gift – isn’t that a cute idea?!?)


Also, I NEVER am prepared enough to be able to get a picture of the full spread before people come. I always feel like I have things under control but them and scrounging for at least one last thing on the table. But here is the table.


And the drink station (After the party – hence why everything is empty!)


My Menu:

Like I said – we fed 60 people (and since I’m always afraid of not having enough food) we even had leftovers! It was substantial enough for lunch if poeple wanted (the party was an open house form 11-2) but also people could just grab mac and cheese and a cupcake if they had already eaten.


And here is the guest of honor!


I apologize he isn’t wearing pants in any of these pictures… they were all taken after the party.


With my parents.


Hanging with Grandma.


AND people are so generous some guests even brought gifts! People love us so well and it is humbling. Here is Bryan’s opening his first present ever. He LOVES ripping paper and he loved it! He will be SUCH fun on Christmas!


Love you Buddy!! So glad you’re ours!!




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4 Responses to 31 Days: Adoption Finalization Party (Day 22)

  1. What a wonderful day that must have been and your decorating was inspiring! I have to say that baby is adorable!! Congrats on your little family beginnings. God is faithful!

  2. Rebecca Anne says:

    How wonderful and congrats! The decorations and all your hard work looks great, too. : )

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