31 Days: Using Pinterest for Good, Not Evil (Day 25)

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When Pinterest first started, everyone was STOKED for what it was– oh the possibilities of pinning all your things to one place! Then it grew and grew and grew and people became cynical. They called Pinterest what you do when you pin all these ideas and never make any of them and when you have an entire wedding or house planned and are nowhere near having either of those things in real life.

Now Pinterest, like any social media, can be a time waster and time stealer. However, I sincerely believe Pinterest can be a wonderful catalyst to get some creative juices flowing! When I want to decorate my fall mantle or plan a party, I can put in color schemes or ideas and see a plethora of pictures how other people have done it. Now sometimes I do things out right (like my little man tie banner for Bryan’s finalization party) and sometimes I take a little bit of this from one idea and a little bit of that from another.

For me, I found Pinterest is a time waster when I go on there mindlessly. When I have a goal and a reason to look on there, it can be vastly helpful. I know it can be fun to look at ideas with no actual intentions of doing them. That’s fine! I won’t act like I don’t have a secret board with ideas for Bryan’s first birthday party… And started it when it was 7 months away. But if you find yourself wasting time on Pinterest, I don’t always think it means you should never go on there again. Just look at Pinterest with the goal. Find something and then do it! Search for a delicious cookie recipe then turn off your computer and bake it. Find a fun craft, go to Hobby Lobby and create it! Be inspired and actually do something!

What’s a Pinterest project you’ve been putting off that you plan to make this week?


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