31 Days: Art for the Non- Artist (Day 26)

31 daysIf you’re an artist, you might be reading these posts thinking – “You’re a crazy person! Why do you have to try to be creative?” I am NOT an artist. But from being around people who are, I realize that artists flow creativity. If you’re a song writer, 5 tunes may be running around in your head for weeks. If you draw or paint, you may be thinking of multiple projects constantly. At night you lie awake with these thoughts in your head. It may be hard to turn off!

I can’t speak much into an artist’s mind… you’ll have to get another artist for that:) But I do want to encourage us non-artists: even if you don’t feel extremely gifted in one way or another, you can still make art! Drawing or painting or sculpting can be therapeutic. It doesn’t really matter if your end result is no good!

Make art. Enjoy the process… and overlook the end result if need be:) Or use it as a starting block, grow, learn, fine tune and make great art!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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