7 Months!


Happy 7 months sweet boy!


The past month has been SO fun! The day you turned 6 months you decided you were a big boy… and would pull to stand in your crib! It was crazy! You did it that day and then didn’t do it for the next couple so I thought we were okay. Boy was I wrong:) The instant we put you in your crib you would make a bee line. You’d crawl over to the side of the crib by the door, pull yourself up and look out for us. Sometimes I would be in our bedroom and you’d catch my eye through the crack in the door. It was super adorable.


We obviously lowered your crib soon after because we didn’t want you to fall. But I kind of missed seeing your sweet face pop up over the side of the crib when you wanted us to come get you.  Not to worry mama… it was only a couple weeks before you would stand up on the lowered crib and look at the door again to find us!


Earlier this month you got your 6 months shots and had a REALLY rough time. You were up all that night (between 11-3:30) crying and with a bad fever. The next couple days sleep was a mess – on top of the shots, you then developed a cold AND were teething! It took about a week or so for you to get back on track.


Sleep has gotten better and you take 3 naps a day (or four 30 minute ones). Often you take one longer nap and the rest 30ish minutes. You have been going to bed around 7-8 and wake up about 7:30-8:30. You’ve slept 12 hour stretches a few times but often wake up a time or two.


You now have FOUR teeth and are a super explorer! You crawl everywhere, pull to stand on everything and yell with delight. You did this adorable “hop” crawl that you started while on the hardwood floors then would do when you wanted to go fast. I wanted to videotape it then all of a sudden 2 days ago you just stopped. You now crawl in perfect 4 point and are crazy quick! You have gotten brave and often stand holding on with just one hand… or let go altogether! I have to be within arms length all the time to try to prevent the head bonks :)


You’ve started to love to read books and want books before every naptime. You also like going to bed with a few books in your crib and it’s so adorable how you’ll look at them when you wake up.


You have very strong tastes and will search your book basket for the one you want. If I read a book you don’t want, you turn your head and try to look for another! You know what you want when you want it and are VERY persistent! You’ve started to yell or grunt if you want something and can’t have it (often a cord or to go outside every second of the day!) I LOVE to see your personality growing and I love how persistent you are! Even though it can be tiring, I know it will be a great quality to have when you’re older.


This month we:

  • Started food
  • Threw a party to celebrate the adoption finalization
  • Got 6 month family pictures taken
  • Went to a pumpkin patch
  • Went to Trunk or Treat and celebrated Bryan’s 1st Halloween

Your Favorite Things to do:

  • Go outside and watch cars
  • Look out of the glass front door
  • Pull to stand on EVERYTHING!!
  • Play with your book basket
  • See Daddy when he gets home from work
  • Climb under the coffee table, rip magazines and spin the remote caddy
  • Loves throwing the O Ball, chasing after it or playing “catch” with Daddy
  • Snuggling with Mama in the sling or ergo (especially outside!)

Your Favorite Toys:

Your Favorite Books:

Food You’ve Eaten:

  • Avocado
  • Applesauce
  • Peaches
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Butternut Squash
  • Green Beans
  • Puffs


Bryan you are no longer my tiny, little baby. You are now closer to 1 year than newly born – – crazy! It saddens me how quickly those exhausted, joyful days have passed but I absolutely adore watching you grow and learn and to see the little boy you’re becoming! You are an absolute, utter joy. Your smile and laugh brightens up my days and my life. You love your mama and have even started giving me kisses! It melts my heart. Bryan, I love you so much my dear son.


Your grateful mama

PS – It was your first Halloween today too! I love you my little alligator!



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