30 Days of Gratitude: Days 1-7

Even though it was a challenge, I loved blogging every day in October. I decided to instagram 30 things I’m thankful for in November! Here is a recap of Days 1-7.

Day 1: Thankful for an awesome long walk on a beautiful fall day.


Day 2: Thankful for some alone time this morning with coffee and the Word… And my husband having a daddy day with Buddy to let me!


Day 3: Thankful for relaxing Sunday afternoons complete with football, moccasins, pumpkin candles and (for now at least) a sleeping baby.


Day 4: Today (and every day) I am so utterly grateful for the one I get to call my son. God has shown us abundant love through giving us this precious gift. Every year waiting, every tear shed, every devastating disappointment and heartbreaking sorrow…it was all worth it to get to him. Words can’t express my joyful and thankful heart enough.


Day 5: So thankful for this woman and her growing family! Curry has been a dear friend to me for almost a decade. I am so thankful for her love, support, loyalty, servant heart and 1,000 things more. She is a great wife, mom, sister, daughter, church member & friend. So happy to welcome baby Theo!


Day 6: So grateful for my awesome parents. They have shown me so much support and love through the years and continue to show that as I’ve started my own family. They are the most generous people I know and I am constantly humbled by their generosity. It’s been so neat to get to live neat and spend time together as adults.


Day 7: So grateful to have been able to induce lactation for my adopted baby!! I love breastfeeding and as a CLC it was hard for me to know I wouldn’t be able to provide my son with that. It was lots and lots of hard work but I am so thankful my body cooperated — for once!! My supply is so low (at the peak now- 4 oz total daily over 3-4 pumps) that Bryan never had the patience to feed… But I’ve been pumping for the last 8 months and feeding him bottles of my own milk for the past 7! I reached my goal of 6 months and am close to my finishing goal of 9 months! Even though pumping gets very old and I’m SO excited to have that 1.5-2 hours back in my day, I’m so grateful. This is something I really wanted to do and I did it!! God is good.



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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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