Finding The New Normal


The beginnings of motherhood seem somewhat of a blur filled with crisp memories of meeting, holding and snuggling with my new baby. No one expects anything of new parents- especially if your baby is in the hospital for a month. We were MIA on almost everything, people came to us to spend time together, friends cleaned our house and brought us groceries. Even after we came home, people brought us meals for weeks.

Then life slowly happened. My husband went back to work, I began attempting to cook dinner, started doing laundry every day. It seemed exciting- taking on this new stay at home mom life! It still is exciting. Just becoming a little more normal.

Three months was our first bit of a turning point. Much of our life was full of baby snuggles, tickles and belly laughs and cheek kisses every minute, all day long. But some things are mundane like doing a 4th load of laundry and how are there already 6 bottles to wash when I feel like I just washed them this morning? Being a mom is all encompassing and sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between still taking care of my home by doing the necessary menial tasks.

Then, I found a rhythm. Started reading my bible and eating breakfast while pumping during Bryan’s first nap. Started taking walks every day. Did dishes while Bryan was playing with his toys in the living room. He didn’t want to be rocked to sleep anymore, so he started putting himself to sleep well. I got this down!

And then… as every mom knows – once you have a routine down, everything changes:) A few months later, Bryan started crawling like crazy, getting into things, pulling to stand and letting go quickly (aka – falling often if I wasn’t on him all the time.) I had to be within arms reach at all times… There goes doing the dishes while he plays! He was getting 3 teeth and was compelled to pull to stand every second in his crib, even if he was exhausted so he needed me to rock him asleep again (not that I’m complaining!)

The biggest thing I’ve learned in motherhood is everything changes. Your schedule often changes to keep up with their shifting sleep schedule. Once you can nurse or do bottle feeds with your eyes closed then you begin introducing solids and have a whole new world to learn. Have things down with one kid? Then you have another and have to figure it all out again! But through all this change there is one thing that is consistent and never changing- the love of Jesus Christ. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. No matter what changes will come we can lean on His steadfast, faithful love.

This has been such an encouragement to me as a new mom! He is with me every day. He goes before me in the hard days, hard weeks. He knows what is in store for the next sickness, the next touchpoint. When I can’t find time to clean the floors and am feeling tired after waking up 4 times in a night with a cold myself, He is there. Nothing is a surprise to Him.  He will strengthen me and show his faithfulness to me. And oh, how faithful He is! Motherhood is such a a blessing and by the grace of God, I regularly get moments, completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude of being blessed with this life. He is the giver of all good things!

IMG_3846(I know it’s blurry… but that FACE!!! This is his “shrieking in joy” face. LOVE!)


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3 Responses to Finding The New Normal

  1. mfm says:

    That is such a cute picture! Love! ;)

  2. Love his shriek!!! And yes, everything does change- I am learning that as well!

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