National Adoption Month!

Well I’m barely making it in time but I COULD NOT let November pass by without giving a shout out to National Adoption Month! Our family has been changed forever by the miracle of adoption and we are eternally grateful for our son joining our family through it. We had a quick and fairly easy process and a good relationship with Bryan’s birthparents. We are so blessed!


Here are 5 things you should know about adoption:

Use positive adoption language! “Placing their child for adoption” rather than “giving up their child,” “birthparents or biological parents” rather than “real parents.” 

A child’s complete back story and information are not necessarily for you to know. Think on it this way – do you always ask where babies were conceived when a baby is born? Of course not! That’s an intensely personal question and heck, there’s a baby here! There are much better things to chat about. :)

I love my child completely and positively. There is no difference between an adopted baby and a biological baby, other than perhaps you set your love on your biological baby sooner.

Adoption is a blessing and a joy!

If adoption is on your heart, you can do something about it! It may only be to pray or support someone else’s adoption, but keep it on your heart!


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