Days of Gratitude: 8-20

Well I kind of dropped the ball on posting these every week. My bad. Here is the continuation of 30 Days of Gratitude in November!

Day 8: After 2 days with early mornings and cat naps, I’m grateful for sleeping in and a long afternoon nap.#napsareformamatoo


Day 9: Thankful for a relaxing Saturday even though I spent the morning with 4 (!!!) little ones! Fun times with@steph_jamison ‘s brood… every time I babysit a few kids I am reminded how easy 1 is! Hehe:)


Day 10: So incredibly thankful for @TheOaksChurch . It’s such a blessing to be a part of a church that is gospel centered & God- honoring, where I grow continually & am challenged often, where we feel supported & loved & friends have became family. It’s an honor and a privilege for Bryan to lead and we are so thankful for you all!!

IMG_3695 - Version 2

Day 11: So grateful for family days. My husband works so hard and the ONE day he’s off a week he spends with us. He could be relaxing or hanging with friends but he makes spending time with both of us a priority. I am so thankful for my husband and his intentionality. Spending time together just the three of us warms my heart and Bryan absolutely ADORES his daddy!!

Day 12: As I stood in line for the post office today to send my monthly pictures and card I can’t help but be so thankful for Bryan’s birth parents. I’ve texted with his birthmom a few times and every time I do she is so gracious, gushing over pictures of him, thanking us over and over again. I of course respond thanking her over and over for her courage, maturity and for giving us the greatest gift of all. God has woven our stories together… Two moms with two different roles but both full of love. So, so thankful for her and for open adoption.

Day 13: So thankful for the opportunity to be a stay at home mama. This is something I don’t take for granted because 1- I waited a long time for this job and 2- I know a lot of mamas who would love to stay at home but can’t for one reason or another. Mamas I salute you.


Day 14: I’ve realized I have a penchant for grumbling and even more realized I don’t want to model and teach this to my son. So today I’m choosing to be thankful about something I don’t wan to do:) We started transcribing again for some extra money. Not my ideal way to spend naptimes and post baby bedtime but I am SO grateful this opportunity is available to us. I can do it from home, 5 minutes here and there. It’s perfect.


Day 15: Thankful for uninterrupted SLEEP! It seems like a switch has flipped in the past week or two and Bryan has been sleeping through the night many nights the past week or two! (AND taking longer naps! Hallelujah!) Three nights of uninterrupted sleep can do a body wonders!!

Day 16: Thankful for the new marriage of two friends// Day 17: Thankful for new experiences and that Buddy did so good traveling

Day 18: Thankful for amazing travel places because of our families. This vacation was at a time share that Bryan’s grandparents own and we love going to my parents Lakehouse in Tennessee too!

Day 19: Thankful that people are so nice and friendly when you have a baby. It such a blessing!

Day 20: Thankful for time away from normal life, routines and responsibilities. So good for the soul!



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