Days of Gratitude: 21-30

Day 21: Thankful that Bryan is finally liking the water. He really likes baths now and he loved the pool and dipping his toes in the ocean!

Day 22: So thankful for warm weather. Yes and yes. People on our plane booed (me included obviously) when we left Ft Lauderdale and they said Cincinnati weather was 39 degrees.

Day 23: So thankful that vacation is a part of the fabric of our family. I’m so thankful my husband loves vacation as much as I do and that we’re both excited about new adventures, traditions and making memories for our family in the future.

Day 24: So incredibly thankful of this truth. Still in awe sometimes of going from longing infertile to joyful, heart bursting mama.


Day 25: Today I am thankful for Bryan’s development. With the rough start he had I was prepared for and expecting delays- possibly significant ones. Not only is he NOT delayed, he is above target with gross motor! I say this not for my credit or his, but for the glory of God. He is so good in his abundant grace to us!!

Day 26: Today I mourn with a dear friend the loss of her mom. In the midst of pain I am thankful for the hope we have in Christ, that He cares for us and that He has promised one day there will be no more death, no more pain, no more tears. God is good even when life is hard. Love you


Day 27: So blessed and thankful for this house we get to call a home. It’s our first house, the place Bryan and I have lived in the longest together and the place we brought our son home to. Love how comfy and cozy and us it feels.


Day 28: So thankful for wonderful family, friends and of course FOOD!! Hope you’ve had a great thanksgiving and are relaxing with full bellies and thankful hearts:)

IMG_4415Day 29: Day 29: Thankful for where we live. It’s such a joy to live here surrounded by incredible friends and community and we are beyond blessed that Bryan gets to pastor here. Not everyone gets to do a job they love.


Day 30: Above all else I am grateful for Jesus Christ. He saved me, He called me by name, He drew me to Himself. He walked with me through suffering, He grieved with me, He rescued me from the pit of despair. He lived for me, died for me, and is sanctifying me continually. My whole life, everything I do is for His glory. He has done so much for me.


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