9 Months Old!


My dear 9 month old – – you are such a BIG boy!!!

The past month has had a LOT of changes (although I feel like I say that every month!) You started eating many table foods and are LOVING it!

For the past week or two you’ve been eating all meals with us which is SO FUN!! One of your favorites is avocado toast (which is one of mama’s favorite too!) so I just make an extra piece for you! It’s so fun:)

You love to play and are a happy, squealing, bouncing baby boy! You think it’s hilarious when we “chase” you crawling. You are so fast and your hands lift up so high.

Right before Christmas you crawled up the stairs for the first time… and now that’s where you make a beeline every time we come downstairs! You love to roll or throw the ball back and forth with us. You are really good at it! You love to dance to music and bounce up and down. It’s so stinkin cute!!

You continue to be a gross motor baby and are cruising, pushing your lion across the room, and get from crawling or standing to sitting.

You communication has also taken off and you talk ALL THE TIME!! You say a lot of word approximations and often say what sounds like “hi” especially after we say it.


You wave hi and bye and  – – I just decided it’s real and I’m claiming it – – YOU SAY ‘MA’!! I know most babies say “dada” first but for the last few weeks you have been saying “ma” when crying and you want me to pick you up. For the past week you’ll say it when I’m near you – – still usually by crying. But you don’t say it when playing or with Daddy so I think it means me! You heart melter!!

You receptive language is killer and you respond to simple phrases like “come here,” “no,” “bite,” “say hi,” and “look at mama.” You respond to you name (and Buddy! hehe). You play peek a boo or where’s mommy/ buddy and CRACK UP! You are so much fun!

The past week also brought another cold and…. unfortunately it turned into your first ear infection :( You get sick easily it seems and it’s so sad when you feel bad. Your sleep schedule was getting totally normal – wake up at 7:40, 45 minute nap at 9ish, 90ish minute nap around 12, last nap (30 min) at about 4, and bed between 7-7:30 – but being sick has thrown it all off. You’ve been waking up 3-5 times a night instead of your usual 1. It’s often every hour or two after you first go down until about 11 or 12 and you need your mama to rock you back to sleep. Thankfully you’ve still been napping pretty good. I’m hoping you get better so soon!

You’re my big boy and are weighing in at 23 lbs 8 ounces! My arms can get sore and I’m so thankful for babywearing. I still regularly wear you out in the ergo (you love looking around in stores!) and in the sling mostly around the house (although sometimes out on shorter trips… and when you’re fighting sleep tooth and nail!) Your hair is getting longer and blonder. Your eyes are still piercing blue. You are such a handsome little man!!

Buddy you brighten my days. Last week I was having a grumpy frustrated day. I went and got you after your nap and we started playing and laughing and I was instantly in a better mood. I just enjoy being your mom so much. It’s such a blessing to spend my days with you!!

I can’t believe you’ll be a year old in less than 3 months. Time is flying!

This Month You:

  • Went to your cousin Sophia’s dance recital
  • Switched over to a convertible car seat! (Rear facing of course!!)
  • Drove through our town’s Christmas light display
  • Celebrated your first Christmas!!
  • Went to the Festival of Lights
  • Got your first ear infection:(
  • Ushered in 2014 with midnight rocking

You Love:

  • Being chased while crawling!
  • Water play and baths (You crawl over to the tub, bounce and try to climb in!)
  • Eating table food with us
  • Crawling up the stairs
  • Chasing the ball or rolling/ throwing it back and forth with us
  • Looking outside
  • Playing in the kitchen

Your Favorite Toys:

  • LeapFrog My Pal Scout – he smiles and reaches out for him every time Scout says his name or sings a song
  • Fisher Price Piggy Bank – he hasn’t yet mastered putting the coins in the slot but he loves taking them out and chewing on them (and will push them through the slot when we place them there)
  • Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker – he walks across the room on this thing! And loves the play with the buttons and music on front
  • Learning Resources Ruff’s House with Textured Dog Bones – I got him this for Christmas and he LOVES it! It’s basically a small plush dog with large doghouse and 20 or so small textured dog bones. I put the dog house aside and don’t use the dog much but he absolutely LOVES chewing on these dog bones. They are small so need supervision but are PERFECT for teething babies and I keep them in my diaper bag to entertain him when we’re out.
  • Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider – He loves bouncing to the music and pushing it across the room.
  • Bathtub Foam Letters and Numbers – You LOVE playing with these in the bath, the car seat and everywhere! You like to chew on the textured ones and keep them in your mouth while you crawl around. Too funny!
  • Your balls – Dad got you a soccer ball for Christmas and you love chasing it. You also love chasing after and eating mama’s Dryer Balls.
  • Your Book Basket – You love sitting by it and looking through and chewing on all your books
  • Mama’s Nalgene Water Bottles – One of his favorite things! He loves to drink out of it and chew on the lid
  • “Typing” on the computer – This boy FREAKS OUT when he sees a computer

Your Favorite Books:

New Food Your Tried:

  • Oatmeal (quick cooking)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Fresh Mozzarella cheese
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Bread/ Toast
  • Banana bits
  • Peas
  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • Pot Roast
  • Prime rib (at Christmas eve dinner!)
  • Chicken enchilada casserole
  • Chicken stuffed shells
  • White Chicken chili
  • Turkey tenderloin

I love you my sweet son. Happy 3/4 of a year!!

Love, Your Mama


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