8-9 Month Milestones


  • Being chased crawling
  • Water play and baths
  • Eating table food with us
  • Crawling up the stairs
  • Chewing/ eating EVERYTHING! Especially my nalgene


Gross motor:

  • Gets to sitting
  • Plays in sitting very often
  • Stands by himself for a couple seconds
  • Pushes push toy back and forth while standing
  • Cruising
  • Crawling (quickly!) up the stairs


Fine motor:

  • Picks up pieces of food well. Uses mainly pincher grasp
  • Lifts up flaps in books
  • Throws ball often and with intent



  • Babbling ALL the time!
  • Scream yells when laughing or when mad
  • Often says “ma” when fussing or wanting something. YAY!!
  • Says ma, da, ba, ga, ka, geh, (and lots more!)
  • A few seeming word approximations like “aye” (when we say hi), “eah” (yeah),
  • Growls deeply
  • Understands “no” and responds briefly
  • Understands and follows simple commands like “come here” “say hi” “bite” “look up” and “look at mama”
  • Responds to his name (and Buddy!)
  • Smiles when I sign and say “more” when regards to puffs/ cereal (only when he does want more)
  • Follows when I point to something


Personal Social:

  • Bounces/ dances to music
  • Plays ball with us – rolls or throws it back and forth
  • Likes exploring and playing a bit by himself
  • Starting a bit of separation anxiety– crawls after me when I walk out of the room
  • Imitates sounds back and forth in a game fashion
  • Waves hi and bye
  • Loves being “chased”
  • Plays peek a boo by putting a cloth over his eyes and removing it
  • Shaking head no
  • Giving us kisses
  • Giving himself kisses in the mirror
  • Smiles and laughs watching videos of himself



  • Cries when something gets taken away from him or if he can’t have something he wants
  • Loves reading (we read 5-10 books before each nap)
  • Particular about what books he wants. Will push away a book he doesn’t want to read
  • Object permanence– remembers where objects are and will move items away if they are hiding them
  • Very persistent– will try to get something multiple times (10?) before getting upset
  • Opens and closes cabinet doors
  • Throws ball and chases after it to throw it again
  • Will problem solve to climb over barriers to get what he wants
  • Puts his hand through a hole in baskets to pull out what he wants
  • Holds a toy in his mouth while crawling/ pulling to stand etc
  • Smiles when we take selfies:)



  • Beginning separation anxiety– doesn’t like if we walk out of the room (will follow us)
  • Chews on everything! (8 sharp teeth so will eat books if we would let him!)
  • Schedule regulating– wakes about 7:40, 1st nap around 9ish (30-45 minutes), 2nd nap starts between 11:30 and 12:30ish (90ish minutes although sometimes a cat nap), last nap about 4 (30 or 45 min). Not always the same but that’s a general guideline. Up for 2-3 hours between naps. Bed between 7-730ish. Almost always asleep by 745.
  • Eating more table food: Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, quick cooking oatmeal, pasta, rice, mashed potatoes, bread, banana bits, peas, green beans, carrots, black beans, chicken, shredded pot roast type red meat
  • By the end of the month he was eating meals with us! Avocado toast, white chicken chili, enchilada casserole, turkey tenderloin and mashed potatoes, sharing a Chipotle burrito bowl with mom, etc! He loves it!!

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