Guest Post on Adventures in Breastfeeding


I began following a few bloggers as part of Sakura Bloom’s Sling Diaries. One blogger began doing a feature called Adventures in Breastfeeding. Many awesome women have shared their stories and today I have the honor of sharing mine! Here’s a snippet:

My whole life I wanted to be a mama. I knew before I was in high school that my dream was to get married, have lots of babies and stay home with them. It was a part of me long before life even happened.

I married an amazing man right after college and a year and a half later we started trying to have a baby. And kept trying. And kept trying. A year later we went to see an infertility specialist. After four and a half total years, a dozen failed treatments and ultimately two miscarriages, we walked away without a baby in our arms. At that point the road to parenthood had only brought pain and heartbreak.

After lots of healing and prayer we decided we still wanted a baby. We decided to pursue adoption to finally make us a family. I had really wanted the whole mama experience- pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding…. And now I couldn’t have any of it. Or could I?

Read the rest on Miss Verse…


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