A Day in the Life: A 9 Month Old

20140124-153330.jpgI’ve always been fascinated with reading how other people spend their days. Schedules, what happens at work, it’s all so interesting to me! I’ve thought about doing these posts for a while but… Well it just seemed so self indulgent. Does anyone really care exactly how I spend my days?

I’m still not sure of the answer. But I will say, now that Bryan is 9 months old I regret not having this for when he was 3 months and 6 months. It seems so far away already and our days are so different! I would have been so curious to look back and remember exactly what we did on an average day. So I’m doing this for my records. And if it interests you too? Well it’s a double win:)

I’ve been thinking about doing it all month and every day we had something “not normal” in it and I was indecisive and dragging my feet…and he’s almost 10 months old in a week. So I figured I just better do it if I’m going to! Like anyone’s life, not every day is the same (obviously) so I just captured this one day. I really wanted to take a picture for every step but the day slipped away from me!

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

12am– Wake up :( Tried to rock him back to sleep without his bottle but he wasn’t having it. Took his bottle and went back to sleep. Laid him in his crib and he drifted off.

4am– Slept through! Haha most of the time he sleeps 12 hours or wakes up once. This is his “typical” wake up time… But often if he wakes up early (1130 or 1230) he will wake up here too. I was so excited in the morning when I realized he didn’t!

8am– Good morning Mama! Bryan’s up! Played in crib / yelled for about 15 minutes.

8:15am– We’re up and at em! Went to get him– happy to see me– took him to the rocker and fed a bottle. Got bored a few sips in and wanted to look out the window. Which is one of the first things we do every morning:)

8:20-9am – Removed sleep sack, changed dirty diaper; played in his room intermittently feeding him his bottle while I put away his laundry.

9- 9:40am– Changed dirty diaper #2, came downstairs; put him in his hook on chair with Cheerios while I made breakfast – oatmeal for me, blueberries, banana and yogurt for him; pray, eat breakfast then play downstairs (lots of ball– his favorite thing!)

9:40am– Brought him upstairs, put sleep sack on, turned on sound machine, turned on scout lullaby and sat down in rocker to read books. Read for about 10 minutes then put him in bed with some toys.

9:50am– I jumped in shower. Playing in crib then heard me and stood up crying for a couple minutes… Laid back down.

10:08am– He’s asleep. Mama is showered and dressed for the day. I quickly straighten up toys, get a cup of hot tea and sit down to read my bible, journal and plan for the day. Usually his first nap is only 30 minutes so it’s EITHER nap or shower… and it’s often one one day and one the other. But yesterday he slept long and I got to do both and it was SO wonderful… I thought I might be shooting myself in the foot but I got to do both again today! So lucky!!

11:10am– Still asleep? Mama jumps up, puts away my reading, gets the towels and rugs ready to put in the wash– He woke up!

11:15am– Change diaper, get him dressed; lots of belly kisses and tickles!

11:30am– Get us ready to go run errands. It’s literally 1 degree outside so we need to bundle up! Swing by a friend’s house, drive to grocery store for small trip; phone call with someone in the car. Grocery shop.

12:30pm– Someone is mad on the way home! Hungry man! Came home, put him in his chair with puffs while I unloaded the groceries. Got his lunch ready- blueberries, turkey meatball and Greek yogurt (trying to probiotic him up since he’s been on antibiotics so much this month! Usually I eat with him but we were in a bit of a time crunch with shopping so I just ate some Oreos :)

1pm– Changed diaper, put on sleep sack. Turned on sound machine and scout, fed him his bottle– only ate about 3oz. Read books. Moving around on my lap and pushing books away so laid him in his bed.

1:10pm– Put towels in the wash. Put away groceries. Asleep by 1:20! Cleaned up Buddy’s spot from lunch. Unloaded dishwasher and did dishes. Made pb&j; ate lunch, watched a New Girl on Netflix and checked Instagram.

20140124-153243.jpg2pm– His 2nd nap is usually when I do my “chores of the day” but today is my big one– floors. I was behind with grocery shopping (supposed to be Tuesday) and didn’t get to clean up as much this morning. So I figured I would work on my “weekly project” of putting away my Christmas decorations.

2:15pm– Little man is stirring! Yay for his SECOND hourish long nap. Yesterday he took 3 hour or longer naps and it was probably the first time since he was a newborn. Folded laundry while he played in his crib and woke up.

2:30pm– Got him up, changed diaper; He sat on the bed and pulled every single wipe out of the case, CRACKING up. So much fun! Came downstairs to play.

2:45- 4:15pm– Playtime!! Listen to music on Apple TV and play like crazy

3:30pm– Drank a bottle

4:15pm – Getting fussy. Brought upstairs, put sleep sack on. Finished bottle and read a few books then put him down. Played for a while in bed then started fussing.

4:35pm– Started standing and crying. I went to get him, got his pacifier from the floor and read 2 books. Cried when I left the room then instantly quieted and went to sleep.

4:45pm – Daddy’s home!! Usually I make dinner during 3rd nap but tonight is leftover night! Woohoo! Catch up with Daddy then make cookies:)

5:20pm– He’s up! Go get him. Playtime with Daddy while I finish cookie dough and get dinner ready.

6pm – Dinner time! Leftover white wine chicken soup and artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. Bryan LOVES this meal. Cleaned up when all done.

6:30pm– Bath time! He LOOOOOVES his bath. It is so much fun!! Get him out, lotion, put on nighttime diaper and sleeper; suck his nose out and put aquaphor on his sweet cheeks. Kisses from Daddy.


7:00pm– Bedtime. Brought him in his room with lights off, sound machine on, pacifier in mouth. He immediately laid his head down on my shoulder. Turned lullaby scout on. Sat down in rocker and rocked him while I fed him his bottle. He drank most of it and we rocked for a while, Mama praying over him and for him. He was scooting around on my lap and not totally quieting, so I laid him down in bed.

7:30pm– Asleep. Usually I get straight into pj pants but I had people coming over so I figured I’d stay in jeans. :) Straightened up toys. Daddy did dishes (Hallelujah! Almost every night… such a blessing!). Finish cookies.

7:45- 10:45pm– Hang out with a few girls.

10:45pm– Finish dishes and wipe down counters. Wash bottle nipples and get bottles ready. Get towels and bath mats from downstairs and bring upstairs.

11:00pm– Check on Buddy. Give Daddy a kiss. Check social media. Goodnight:)

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8 Responses to A Day in the Life: A 9 Month Old

  1. Pat says:

    Well, I love reading about a day in the life of my grandson! It will be so fun for you to read this in a couple of months, a couple of years, for him to read it when he is older.

  2. Britt says:

    I LOVE these posts. I wish you did for three and six months too! With a little babe coming in May, it’s nice to see what’s around the bend for me on a typical day!

    • jackielopina says:

      Aww yay! Haha here’s a recap in a nutshell of how you’ll spend your days as a first time mama:)
      Newborn – Super exhausted, deliriously joyful at this new life… only feeding, sleeping small increments when baby sleeps and snuggling. Lots of snuggling! Taking care of your home or cooking or leaving will seem impossible. Let the house go for the first 3 months!!
      3 months – You will be sleeping a little more and getting a bit more of a rhythm. You may finally be able to eat 3 meals a day, do laundry sometimes and may begin cooking meals. Baby will still be sleeping lots (I still napped often at this stage!) and will want lots of cuddles… but more playtime! Those smiles and laughs are happening all the time and baby is so fun!
      6 months – Now you’re getting this down! Baby is playing lots and probably moving around more – Bryan started crawling and pulling to stand at this age! We also started baby food which was fun. Getting out of the house is a lot easier and you’re feeling in the groove.

      Haha those are my thoughts on those markers in a few snippets! Hope it helps:)

  3. You may have covered this and I missed it- but did you do CIO with him? How did you get him to go to sleep on his own? :) (and thanks for the posts. I love seeing where my boy will be in a month and a half :)

    • jackielopina says:

      Hi Christy! I always love seeing your comments here:) Hope your sweet boy is doing well! I haven’t talked about it I don’t think. He has always slept separate from us. For the first 3 months he slept in a bassinet in our room then we transitioned him to the crib. I rocked him to sleep every nap and night in the beginning (and often held him throughout his nap and sometimes for a while in the middle of the night too!) For the crib transition he would wake up every time I would put him down – so hard!! Basically what I did was lay him down and keep as much of myself on him as possible! Ha! After a few minutes, I would lift up a bit, keeping my hands and face on him. After a few more minutes I would lift my head, few more minutes, one hand, etc. After doing this for a week or two (??) he did MUCH better and wouldn’t wake up when I put him down or would wake up then go right back to sleep.
      At about 4-5 months he DID NOT want to be rocked to sleep anymore. It was kind of sad! He would thrash about and be mad when I tried. So I began putting him in the crib. Sometimes he would just play, sometimes he would cry. We did let him cry for a few minutes and then I would go and try to rock him again, etc. Sometimes he would let me rock him and would go right to sleep. Sometimes he would be angry when I tried again so I’d put him back down. I never ever thought we would, but we did end up doing a gentle CIO method. For the past couple months I would rock him to sleep for 1-2 naps and then would lay him in bed for the other ones. Sometimes he would cry for a few minutes and then fall asleep… the older he got, the more he would just play and then fall asleep. It has worked out great for us! He doesn’t always sleep for a long time – he’s a cat napper – but he now goes down easily most of the time (and VERY easy at night) which is a blessing! Sometimes if he takes a short nap I have him stay in the crib for a little while longer to see if he’ll fall back asleep (and sometimes he will!)
      Sorry this is a novel!! What have you been doing with your little one?

      • So far we are rocking him to sleep still. We want to stop. He is 7.5 months old. We just returned from a cruise- it was the perfect age, he was so easy. And we have another shorter trip coming up shortly. After that trip we intend to do something. I think it will be a shorter version of CIO. I don’t really want to, but I cannot rock him to sleep until he is 5 either. He goes to sleep at night REALLY easily and then sometimes wakes up once a night, but he goes to bed so early by his choosing that we don’t mind that! His naps were hard for a while, but now they are easier- he is a cat napper as well. On the cruise though he took some LOOOONG naps which were nice. Sometimes in the crib, sometimes in the stroller… (heh, I wrote a novel as well!)

        • jackielopina says:

          Nice! Yes it can be hard but it is SO worth it. The last couple weeks I just put Bryan down for naps and he just lays and talks and plays then goes to sleep in 5-15 minutes. Sometimes a little fussing but crying! It’s great!

          So glad you guys had fun on your cruise!! That sounds awesome. I bet you were glad to travel again. Good luck working on sleep! :)



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