Favorite Baby Items: 4-8 Months

My baby is 10 months and I’m JUST now getting around to posting this. My bad. It seems life only gets busier as they get older!! :) Here are some of my 4-8 month favorites!


 Zippered Sleepers –  We always used both snaps as zippered but as he got older he would quickly roll and crawl away ANY time we changed his diaper or tried to change his clothes. Zippers made this a little easier.

Sleep Sacks (medium) –  We are OBSESSED with our sleep sacks!!! They are a huge “sleep time” cue for Bryan and I love that they keep him warm without the worry of a blanket in the crib. For the summer/ fall we had both cotton and fleece ones and we use mostly fleece in the winter.

Overnight Diapers – It is SO nice once they’re old enough to not change their diapers all night:) I stopped changing Bryan’s diaper but then if he woke up a time or two sometimes he would leak through. I started doing overnight diapers in a size up (have used both Pampers and Huggies) and they are GREAT and usually don’t leak. Overnight diapers… seems obvious but it took me asking friends to begin it:)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout or Gloworm– Or any night time toy! (That Scout is actually discontinued – sad!) We have that and his glow worm in his bed every night.

Sound Machine – This is the one we have and I’ve got to believe there’s something better. A few months after we started using it, the white noise button doesn’t work anymore. The projector is finicky and sometimes doesn’t move. HOWEVER – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a sound machine. It is a huge cue for Bryan that it’s time to sleep (sometimes he will rub his eyes the second I turn it on!) and it’s nice to drown out other noise, especially if we have people over.


Chicco 360 Hook on High Chair – We LOVE this. It takes up no room and I love that Bryan is sitting at the dinner table with us for family meal time! I clean it thoroughly after each meal but after 3 months of use it still looks great!

Microwave, Food processor and ice cube trays– My must haves for making baby food. (A Mini Food Chopper is a great alternative to a food processor for a lot less money!) I made all of Bryan’s baby food and I LOVED it! It was so easy and inexpensive too! I made a few big batches, froze them and would heat one ice cube per time (or a couple different foods per meal.) I would highly recommend making your own baby food if you are interested in that!

Spoons- These metal Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons and plastic Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons are my favorite.

Sippy cups! We started introducing a sippy at 5 months. The Tommee Tippee First Sips Cup was the one he first learned on (but we dropped it and it broke!) The Playtex Spill-Proof Cups and Dr. Brown’s Soft Spout Training Cup are the ones we typically use.

Bibs! My mom made us some super cute embroidered cloth ones which we used mostly for pureed foods. However around 8 months we started doing a lot more table foods and those bibs didn’t hold up! We now exclusively use the wipe-off/ washable bibs. I often just rinse it out after a meal and use one for a day or two and then throw it in the laundry. We love these Bumkins Waterproof Bibs.


Sophie the Giraffe – Before we had Bryan we noticed that ALL our friend’s babies had this weird little squeaky toy that sounded like a dog toy. One of my dear friends got it for us and we wondered if it would live up to the hype. Well it took a few months, but it completely did. Bryan LOVED it! It’s a soft rubber texture that’s really appealing for little teeth to chew on. AND the legs? They fit perfectly in the back of little mouths. It is fairly expensive but I highly recommend it!

 Activity Mat – We loved our Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym that was actually recommended by a blog reader! Thanks! :) I loved the neutral colors and it was SO much fun for Bryan when he wanted to play but wasn’t mobile. He would roll around and grab the toys and shriek and laugh. Also a great place to practice tummy time!

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano – We didn’t introduce light/ sound toys until about 4 months to prevent overstimulation. This was the first one we got out for him to play with and he loved it!! It’s a fun little toy and he still likes to play with it!

Fisher-Price Click ‘n Learn Remote – Bryan started reaching for and eating our remotes every chance he got. I (might have over-reacted) when I read an article about a child ingesting a button battery and having serious injuries so we designated a remote without batteries for him to play with. BUT when I saw this toy? We got it and it quickly became a favorite

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Musical Table – One of my favorite things about this toy is that you can use the top without the legs on. We had it upstairs for Bryan to play with beginning at about 4 months. He pulled to stand for the first time at 6 months because he is a super gross motor baby. We put the legs on soon after and he began pulling to stand on it and playing with all the toys on the top! There is a laptop, a phone, a piano and a little book. There are a few different settings and have A LOT of different songs and sounds which is so nice for mama when baby plays with it off and on all day! :)


We always read about 5-10 books before naps. Bryan loves it! He started to become very engaged at this age and will turn pages, smile and laugh at some parts and feel the textured pictures. Here are some of our favorites:

Good Night, Gorilla

Look, Look! (A newborn favorite that recently made a comeback.)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide and Find

Welcome Winter (& Spring & Fall!)



Goodnight, I Love You

That’s Not My Monkey

Must Haves:

Sling or Wrap Style Carrier– I LOOOOOOVE babywearing. It has honestly been one of the sweetest parts of mothering. The Sakura Bloom Pure Baby Sling is personally my favorite for under 6 months or short trips/ around the house over 6 months. (Although I also own a Maya Wrap which made me love slings!) Wraps (like the Moby Wrap, Boba Wrap, Solly Wrap) have the same function but it’s just personal preference.

Ergo– Like I said the sling is my favorite and although I had a newborn insert for my ergo I found it bulky and awkward and never used it. HOWEVER – I have a chunky baby… And at 6 months he was nearly 20 pounds. Unfortunately the sling wasn’t cutting it for long trips. I started using the ergo when he was about 5.5 months and I LOVE it! It takes some getting use to putting it on but it is wonderful! It’s comfortable and doesn’t hurt my back even after long wear. I often wear him on my back to bake or cook and I know he’s safe, he’s happy because he’s with me… but he’s far enough away he won’t stick his hands in the food I’m making:)

Babies at this age are SO FUN!!! Enjoy! :)

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2 Responses to Favorite Baby Items: 4-8 Months

  1. abbrogle says:

    I love your lists:) we’ve loved so many of the same things and if there is ever a baby #2 I can’t wait to try a sakura sling! We love our sound machine…it’s small, portable and takes batteries or plugs in: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000F3QG0U

    • jackielopina says:

      Aww thanks girl! Yes you MUST get one for future babies. I am obsessed if you can’t tell:) Thanks for your sound machine info! Super helpful for when ours dies which I’m sure it will!

      Hope you all are doing well! :)



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