Happy 30th to my Husband!

My husband turned 30 YEARS OLD on Friday! I’m so utterly thankful and in love with this wonderful man. To celebrate his day, here are 30 things I love about him:

  1. What a great dad he is
  2. How he leads and pastors the people of The Oaks
  3. When he cracks up laughing
  4. How he encourages me
  5. How he lets awkward and uncomfortable situations roll off of him
  6. How excited he is to see Bryan when he comes home at the end of the day
  7. That he doesn’t care if the house is a mess or we eat leftovers for dinner
  8. But he appreciates when I do things like clean and iron his shirts and cook a good meal
  9. How we are completely on the same page in vacationing
  10. What a great friend he is and how much he loves people
  11. When he gets excited about something
  12. How he has carried me through the hardest times
  13. How he’s my rock and is strong, always there for me to lean on and depend on him
  14. How smart he is (and he never makes a big deal about it!)
  15. How much fun it is to experience new things together
  16. How we can have a wonderful time doing nothing at all
  17. How he is a natural leader and is incredibly discerning
  18. How approachable he is, how he makes others want to be around him
  19. How thoughtful and intentional he is about our future
  20. He’s a lifelong learner and devours books
  21. How he always plans our vacations and usually our dates
  22. How he loves taking me out in dates
  23. How even keeled and gentle he is
  24. He is a hands on dad and gets down on the floor and plays with Bryan
  25. He helps me out as a mom, getting up early sometimes or letting me get a night out
  26. How we’ve grown up together
  27. How he’s made me into the women I am
  28. How he exudes the love of Christ
  29. How he always desires to grow and change into a better man, husband and father
  30. How he loves me and continually points me to Jesus

IMG_7798 copy IMG_0236 IMG_0923 DSCF6703

IMG_0400 IMG_2154 IMG_2480          IMG_3405 imageLove you babe!!



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One Response to Happy 30th to my Husband!

  1. Jess says:

    Awesome couple! Happy 30th Bryan!

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