10 Months!!

My baby turned 10 months old January 31st! I am way behind on my blogging… but honestly that kind of sums up our January. Cold+Ear infection/ Really bad double ear infection/ Throat infection that turned into an Ear infection + lots of sleep issues and super cold and snowy weather have made for quite the past month and a half. When I put Bryan to bed my brain was SHOT and literally not able to write (and a couple weeks he needed rocking/ wearing for a few hours after bedtime since he was feeling so bad, poor guy.) But  he’s finally healthy!! And sleeping so much better! And actually has been showing some readiness signals so we started the 3 nap to 2 nap transition this week. But I’m getting ahead of myself… 2 weeks late, here is my 10 months post:)



Bryan, something happened in the last month. All of a sudden you have switched from my little baby to a big, independent, funny, curious almost TODDLER! What the heck?!? Technically I know we have another couple months… and honestly I thought I’d be sad at the baby to toddler transition. But oh son, I feel it. You are becoming a toddler.


And to be honest it can be exhausting to try to keep up with you but at the same time it is FUN!! You are constantly taking in new information and want to learn anything you possibly can from everything you see, smell, taste, and touch. When I am holding you and we walk somewhere, you have your arms out and literally touch everything within reach. You are go-go-go all the time!!


You are persistent and will go after something we’ve said no to multiple, multiple times. Thank goodness for baby proofing! We cut out daytime pacifiers and only use them at naps and night. In the morning when you wake up you throw your pacifiers out of the crib. Knowing that you aren’t offered them at awake times, after I get you up and put you down, you quickly scurry around to see if you can find any! Often you put your head down on the floor and reach your hand under the crib to find one– too funny!! Bryan you are hilarious and you’ve started to make this really “cheesy” face. You crack up all the time! When I make animal noises, when you see your toy Scout, when me or Daddy or Grandma chases you crawling, when you sneak up a couple stairs and turn around to look at us, when we roll the ball at you and so much more. You are such a happy boy!


You are (as always) a mover and a shaker. You are continuing to cruise and are getting really brave! You have stood alone for a couple seconds and are starting to climb up on the gate and other things. You love to push the dining room chairs around which is pretty funny. The day you turned 10 months YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEP!!! It was awesome!!!


You have also gotten down some fine motor coordination! You tried to put the coin in the piggy bank toy we have for the first time, you put toys in and out and are wonderful at picking up food and small toys and crumbs. You LOVE lifting flaps in books and are a fan of the homemade ghetto lift the flap texture board your mama made.

You also really like lifting the fish tank lid (although you would really like if we let you get your hands in there and splash around!) Your receptive language is really taking off and you understand a handful of commands and routines. You are babbling a ton, talking and whispering to yourself and say “ma” to me (mostly when crying) and started saying “baba” a couple times for bottle.

You LOVE to eat. You eat basically everything we do (holding off on egg whites, strawberries, shellfish and honey for allergy reasons) and you go to TOWN. It is awesome. You can be a little impatient when you’re hungry but… can’t blame you… you got that from your daddy:)

There were a few times this month where I intentionally tried to teach you something and you DID IT!! Such accomplishment for you and mama too! I was done trying to catch you from diving head first off the couch or bed all the time so we worked a lot on going down backwards. One day, you just got it! It was so affirming! So neat to see the wheels spinning and you learning new things each day.

One of your other favorite parts of the day is BATH TIME! After we eat dinner, you know what’s next! Often you crawl up the stairs and right to the bath room! You stand up at the tub and pull up on your toes (you can dive in if I don’t stop you!) Often you pound on the side of the tub to show your excitement/ impatience! You put one arm up at a time for me to take your shirt off, watch excitedly as I start the water and start splashing and playing with the elmo spout cover as soon as I put you in. You LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You’re so good at splashing I now get soaked but I love seeking your glee and delight. The other night you were so tired I tried to skip bathtime. As I was trying to put your pj’s on, you rolled over, went backwards off the bed, crawled to the bathroom, stood up on the tub and pounded on the side like “hello?!? Aren’t we missing something??” Like I said – you love it.

Also when you’re in the bath, you get down on all fours and lap up water. It’s silly :)


  • 24 lbs
  • Wearing 18 month clothes (and almost out of them!)
  • First ear infection this month (and has had FOUR total so far- BOO!!!!)

This Month:

  • We spent the weekend in Cleveland for a friend’s wedding and you hung out with Aunt Kim (and did NOT want to sleep not in your bed! We left at 9:30pm after the wedding, got back at 2am and got much more sleep than we got the night before!)
  • You spent your first overnight with Grandma L! You did great!
  • We went to the zoo on an unseasonably warm day
  • We went to EnterTrainment Junction twice
  • We spent lots of time inside with lots of snow and negative degree weather


  • Meal Time!
  • Reading Books
  • Baths!
  • His Learning Kitchen (We got this as a hand-me-down from our friend Kate and Bryan loves it!!)
  • Crawling up the stairs
  • Yogurt melts
  • Blowing raspberries and making silly mouth noises


January had wild fun, cold weather, sickness, cold weather, schedule getting off and lots of snuggles and babywearing. I wore Bryan on my back in the ergo to get cleaning done and wore him in the sling for hours in the evening when sleeping was a bear.

Bryan – my sweet 10 month old boy. My heart bursts out of love for you. I am so thrilled to be your mom and so happy to be celebrating almost one year of this beautiful life.


I love you my son.




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