9-10 Month Milestones


  • Baths and water play
  • Being chased
  • Cruising and standing to play
  • Pushing dining room chairs around
  • Eating meals with us
  • Putting a toy in his mouth and crawling around with it


Gross Motor:

  • Cruising
  • Standing with barely any support
  • Standing alone for 5-10+ seconds
  • Sits down from standing
  • Balancing on his knees without holding on
  • Going backwards off couch and bed (bed with slight help)
  • Climbing


Fine Motor:

  • Picks up toy with tips of his thumb and fingers
  • Uses pincher grasp consistently
  • Lifts up different kinds of flaps
  • Flips light switches on and off
  • Picks up tiny pieces of things
  • Picks up string on first try
  • Piks up cheerio with tips of thumbs and finger
  • Puts small toy down
  • Turns book pages
  • Hands toy over when asked and lets go of it



  • Babbling and talking all the time
  • Saying dada, baba, ga, ka, ma
  • Saying mama and has said baba for bottle a couple times
  • Shaking head no (not really to communicate no)
  • Whispering
  • Talking to himself while playing
  • Follows commands like “come here,” “stop” “give it to mama”


Personal Social:

  • Loves playing with other kids (especially older than him!)
  • Feeds me a puff
  • Eats his feet (ALL the time!)
  • Drinks water from an open cup while I hold it
  • Feeds himself well
  • When I ask for a toy, offers it and lets go
  • When I dress him, pushes arm through sleeves
  • When I undress him, puts arm up to take out of sleeves



  • Understands causality- presses a button on the light/fan remote and looks up to  flips a switch and turns around to see if the light turned on/ presses button and looks up to see projector
  • Hands over objects when asked to
  • Passes a toy back and forth from one hand to another
  • Picks up two toys, one in each hand and holds onto them for a couple minutes
  • When holding a toy, bangs it against other toy on the table
  • Claps two toys together like pat-a-cake
  • Finds a toy completely hidden under a cloth



  • Eats almost all table foods – noteable new foods this month: cod, scrambled egg yolks, brussel sprouts, oranges, grapefruit, mango (Only waiting/ avoiding strawberries, egg whites, honey and shellfish!)
  • Does a great job with his naptime/ nighttime cues and goes to sleep fairly quickly
  • We stopped using the pacifier except during naptime/ bedtime. He often throws his pacifiers out of his crib. I try to grab them all but he often quickly crawls and reaches under his crib to sneak one in:)

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