A Spring Update & Blog News!


Glorious Spring is Finally Here!!!

We’ve been out enjoying the weather with my little walking man who is OBSESSED with going “ow-si” (outside, in case you don’t speak 1 year old.) I seriously have about 30 posts that are running around in my mind or that I have been wanting to post that I just haven’t gotten around to it because we’ve been busy living life! And sometimes I’m okay with that :-) BUT in the past month my baby turned one and we threw an awesome, super fun book – themed birthday party which I would love to blog about the details, share new recipes I’ve tried recently and about how I’ve made the switch to all homemade tortillas, making wheat sand which bread weekly and how I’ve found a new pizza crust that is amazing! I also haven’t even shared Bryan’s 12 month milestones or his official year post! Such a big deal for me! Alas all those will have to wait for a bit because….

I have decided to upgrade my blog into something brand spanking new and fabulous! I have been working on it, but… I’m not very good with technology and it is taking A LOT of time and energy and work trying to figure out all the shenanigans:) And every time I post here it makes more work for me to transfer things over to my new blog:) SO! I will be taking a short hiatus.

My plan is to work hard to get my new blog in tip top shape and to roll it out to early-mid June. Hopefully about 4-6 weeks will be enough time to be able to get things done with the demands of every day wifedom and motherhood:) I will pop back on here to let you all know it’s ready and direct you to the new site! It’s really pretty and I have a renewed vision for the direction of my blog and some neat things I want to do for the upcoming year. I really hope you continue to join me for this journey (and for my favorite cupcakes ever that I have yet to post!!)

Enjoy your spring!!

Bye bye for now,

Jackie :)

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3 Responses to A Spring Update & Blog News!

  1. Steph says:

    catching up on my blogs and just got around to reading this! I’m also in the process of moving a bunch of my content to a new site where I can keep the kids info pseudo anonymous, but I can still process through life and learning. Would have loved to chat with you about it on the beach!! Looking forward to seeing your new look!

    • Jess says:

      When is the unveiling?!? Missing my Jackie blog!

      • jackielopina says:

        Aww so sweet of you! I know I’ve been terrible at working on it and when I do it takes me a LONG time to get everything done :/ I might just get it going before everything is done and hope ya’ll show me some grace while I finish up:) Right now I’m thinking the beginning of July!



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