Year of Waiting Timeline

Jan 2011 – Called my dr. and got on waiting list for embryo adoption; were told it could take up to 12-18 months

Mar 2011 – After hearing good things about a PCOS medication that it can help regulate symptoms, including weight gain and hormonal issues, met with my RE; my dr. said it can be promising for women with PCOS but said he would only put me on blood result came back saying I was insulin resistant. Got b/w back- showed no insulin resistance even though I exhibit most of the signs. My dr.  strongly recommended I didn’t go on the medication. Bummer.

June 2011 – We’re moving up the list quicker than we thought… my nurse says she is in the process of recruiting and will hopefully be giving us a call before the summer is over

August 2011 – I call my nurse and she says we’re at number 4 (and have been so for months)

October 10th 2011 – We got the call….


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