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God’s Grace in the Form of One Year.

My heart has a million things to say and I don’t even know where to begin. Bryan Robert – my dear son – happy first birthday!! I cry tears of joy when I think about what a privilege it has … Continue reading

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Countdown to ONE: A Year Ago Tomorrow…

My son was born. I wasn’t laboring in a hospital or anxiously wringing my hands in the waiting room. I wasn’t even getting text play by plays or waiting nervously by the phone. I wasn’t receiving an “It’s a Boy!” balloon … Continue reading

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For My Husband

Today is my husband’s 29th birthday. He and I feel polar opposite about celebrating our birthdays. I take the day off work and plan celebratory events all week and he… Well he takes the Don Draper approach :) Because I … Continue reading

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27, You Were A Heartbreaker

Today is my 28th birthday. Many aspects of my life have me reflecting back… much can change in a year. 27, you were a heartbreaker. 8 days before my 27th birthday we got our first positive pregnancy test. My husband’s … Continue reading

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A Few Favorite Party Details

Invitations set the scene. (I bought some shimmery light yellow paper from Staples and home printed the slightly faded pineapple with the text overlaying.) Make a big impact with flowers (I did a tall flower centerpiece on each table And … Continue reading

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Turning 60- Hawaiian Style

I age well don’t I? Jk. Please don’t tell me I look 60. (Also my mom was blinking… she would be mad at me for posting this picture but unfortunately we only got one shot of the 3 of us! … Continue reading

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For My Love

Today is my husband’s 28th birthday. Today I am praising God for blessing my in-laws with one of God’s best gifts 28 years ago. I’m praising Him for the man that child grew to be, for saving him and sanctifying him. … Continue reading

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