Our Infertility Story

We experienced 4 1/2 long, difficult years of struggling to get pregnant and add children to our family. I was diagnosed with PCOS as a child so we knew it may have to try “a little harder” to have children, but we had no clue everything we would try and still come out empty handed. We tried for a year “on our own,” went through a year of treatment including 2 rounds of Clomid that did not result in ovulation, 1 IUI with Clomid, 3 IUIs with Femara and Dexamathasone and 2 IUIs with injectables. None resulted in pregnancy. We then went on a waiting list for embryo donation for about 10 months and ended up adopting 4 embryos. Both of our embryo transfers we got pregnant and miscarried right away (a chemical pregnancy.) We’re now done with infertility treatment.

We walked a long road  – although not as long as some of you. My heart aches for the men and women walking through the silence and pain of infertility. My hope and prayer is that by sharing our struggle, we can encourage you.

Regardless of what has already happened and regardless of what is to come, I know that God is good. He revealed His ultimate love for us on the cross – by sending his only Son Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins, and bring us into his family. Even when my earthly hopes and dreams seem to be crushed – Jesus Christ is the Solid Rock on whom I stand.

Here’s our story…

Year of Trying


Year of Treatment



Year of Waiting



Embryo Donation Process



What’s Next


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