FET Process Timeline

November 11 2011– We are now the proud parents of 2 embryos through the miracle of embryo donation!!

November 25 2011 – Started our Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle (started bcp)

December 18 2011 – Started Lupron (also did Doxycycline for Bryan and me 2x day for 7 days)

December 26 2011 – Day 1

December 30 2011 – Started gradual increase of Estrace

January 13 2012 – Last dose Lupon, ultrasound – lining measured at 7.2. We’re good to go for our transfer next week!! First Progesterone shot

January 18 2012 – Both embryos survived the thaw!!!! We have a 1.5 grade and a 2.0 grade. Transfer day!

January 27 2012 – Our very first POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST!!!! Beta was 35. We were elated and overjoyed.

January 29 2012 – 2nd beta results – our number was only 37.5. Unfortunately, that means our baby wasn’t growing and we had a devastating miscarriage. Our first cycle of embryo adoption ended in a chemical pregnancy. Bye bye baby…

February 2012 – Thanks to hard work from my nurse we were able to adopt the 2 biological siblings to our first babies! We have 2 more embryos to try!

March 23 2012 – Ultrasound – everything looks good and my lining was even thicker! SO great. We’re on for transfer next week.

March 28 2012 – After going through the same process, we have our transfer day! We were so disappointed to learn our grade 1.0 embryo didn’t survive the thaw. We would have a single transfer with a grade 2.0 embryo… hope of this time working is fading…

April 6 2012 – Our beta. The result was 6.9 which means our baby implanted and we are pregnant, but baby is most likely going to miscarry. They’ve never seen a number that low go on to a healthy pregnancy.

April 9 2012 – I knew it already since I had intense cramping over the weekend, but we got confirmation that our beta had dropped. It was negative. We were no longer pregnant. All of our babies were gone.

We hoped it wouldn’t end this way, but we have now walked away from infertility treatment without a baby in our arms. Seeing what God has in store for us next…

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