Start You Advent Baskets Now!

Advent Basket

So for the last few years I’ve blogged about advent baskets. If you don’t know what an advent basket is or how to do it, click here to read my post on that!!

Just a friendly reminder… Even though Fall has just started its time to start planning now! You want to deliver your basket by December 1st so that means all organizing, shopping, and wrapping has to be done by the end of November. Trust me– it sneaks up on you!!

Advent Basket

I remember when I received my advent basket. It was during a really difficult time during our struggle with infertility that I had some dark days. I was dreading the holidays since its expected you be joyful and I was anything but. I was so shocked and surprised when I first saw it. And it was DELIGHTFUL! Two of my friends had organized for multiple women to contribute gifts and cards filled with encouragement. Every morning I was so excited to wake up and open my gift and I cried at most of them. It made what could have been an exceptionally hard Christmas so much better!

I thought it would be fun to share stories of how you’ve blessed someone with a basket or been blessed yourself.

So tell me– what’s your experience with advent baskets? Please leave a comment!


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2 Responses to Start You Advent Baskets Now!

  1. jenrmott says:

    Jackie– I am coordinating an advent basket for my mom. She has had a really hard year and has had to take on A LOT. She is an unbeliever so I’m hoping to use this as a way to share the gospel with her, as well as communicate the love that her family and friends have for her. Have you ever put together a basket for a non-believer? Any advice?

    • jackielopina says:

      Hi Jen!

      LOOVE this idea. I think it becomes so much sweeter when it’s to someone who doesn’t know what an advent basket is and especially to a family member! I’ve never done one for a non Christian but honestly I would say do it the exact same way. Write a card that tells her you love her, you know it’s been hard and you pray the comfort and peace of Christ can fill her. Attach verses each day if that’s what you would do otherwise. More than anything, I would pray over it as you shop, wrap, prepare and deliver. Pray that God would use it. Good luck and have fun! Keep me updated!!



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